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Everyone wants something different when it comes to credit cards. We help you compare a personalized list of credit cards that suit both your wants and your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find the right credit card?

    From a very general perspective, you'll want to determine three things to start your search:

    1. Check your credit. Knowing your credit score will help you determine which types of cards you are eligible for and save you time by eliminating those that aren't right for you.
    2. When looking for a new card, consider which features interest you most. Are you looking to build credit, earn rewards, or just find a card with the lowest interest rate?
    3. Once you have it narrowed down to two or three final options, choose the card that provides the greatest overall value to you.
  • What does APR or other terms mean?

    APR, or annual percentage rate, is the interest rate charged on credit card balances, charged each month that a balance is carried, in a standardized, annualized manner.

    Here are some additional terms everyone should understand as well:

    1. Variable interest rate: With a variable interest rate, your APR can change, depending on what the Federal Reserve does with the federal funds rate. If the Fed raises interest rates, the cost of any balances you're carrying on any variable interest rate cards will probably go up.
    2. Unsecured credit cards: The most common types of cards that are not secured by any collateral. In other words, there is no deposit required to be issued an unsecured credit card. The applicant must simply meet the credit requirements, as determined by the issuer.
    3. Secured credit cards: These cards require some sort of collateral to secure a credit line — usually a cash deposit upon opening the account. These cards are usually designed for people with poor credit, or no credit at all.
  • How can I get approved for a credit card?

    Know your credit score, be sure you're making monthly payments on time, don't carry excessive debt, and find the right offer to suit your specific needs.

  • How does applying for a card affect my credit score?

    When you apply for a new credit card, the issuer will make a hard inquiry into your credit score, which can affect your overall score in certain cases. Since the impact of that inquiry is very hard to predict, it's important that you only apply for new credit when you really need it.