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Inform you in all aspects of your financial health
The internet isn’t the most trustworthy place. We know that. That’s why CardGuru is determined to earn your trust with something you don’t see often in the financial industry: full transparency. We outline our methodology, editorial policy and financial advice in the clearest way possible. Our mission is to simply, quickly, and accurately give you the keys to unlock your financial future, whether that be the latest in budgeting techniques or a pathway to your next credit card.


Compare credit cards easily and with confidence
At CardGuru, we’re a group of writers, editors, developers, designers, and credit card specialists. Most importantly, we’re real people, just like you. We have decades of experience in finance, and we live and breathe credit cards. We work tirelessly to simplify this process for you. We are always listening to feedback and committed to continuously updating our site with tools and resources that help you choose the best card for your lifestyle.


Connect you with the perfect card
Look, we know the workforce is changing and that means new financial considerations that match your less-than-traditional life. We collaborate every day on the most useful information that benefits you. Our mission is to educate you and help you become the guru of your own financial destiny.

Meet Our Gurus

Dan Soschin
Chief Operating Officer and Contributor

Dan Soschin is the chief operating officer at CardGuru, as well as a contributor on the site, and a regular blogger on personal finance, investing, and executive leadership. Dan is proud of his 850 FICO® score and his portfolio of rewards credit cards that pay him to shop.

Dave Maple
Chief Technology Officer

Dave makes sure the CardGuru engine keeps running, remains secure, and leverages technology to add value to the lives of consumers. In his spare time, Dave enjoys singing and noodling on the guitar and piano. He also enjoys cooking, and frequently competes in at-home culinary competitions with his talented children which they've been calling "Charred" (a play on the hit show, "Chopped").

Kelly Wells
Content Director

Kelly Wells is both the content director and a contributor at CardGuru. She is a published author and has been writing professionally for fifteen years. When she's not leading the content team at CardGuru, you can find her wrangling her two children and unruly husband.

Roan C.
V.P. of Product Development

Roan is a user experience (UX) advocate who focuses on taking the customer on a journey that makes finding the right card as easy as possible. He is a Florida native who takes full advantage of the surrounding natural beauty by spending his free time exploring the state’s countless springs and rivers or hiking its many trails.

Karinny Koser
SEO Manager

Karinny is responsible for helping people find CardGuru and the valuable research and information on our site. Born and raised in Brazil, Karinny speaks fluent Portuguese and Spanish. She loves spending time with her husband, daughter, and son. With so much on her plate, Karinny enjoys savoring moments of self-care by indulging in fine food and wine.

Ben Paquin
Web Developer

Ben is a web developer for CardGuru. He is responsible for building the many pages that make up our website and hold the content that improves the quality of life for users. Ben’s day-to-day looks something like this — coding content pages, updating credit card data, and providing technical support for the varied needs of the entire CardGuru team—and there are many! When he catches a break, you might find Ben enthusiastically rooting for one of the Tampa Bay’s spectacular sports teams like the Bucs, Bolts, or Rays.

Jordon Wolfram
Data Analyst

Jordon is the data analyst behind several of CardGuru’s rating systems. With a personal interest in investment and money management, Jordon is passionate about helping readers make informed decisions by breaking down complex information into digestible formats for easy comparisons. When he’s taking a reprieve crunching numbers, he’s trying not to crunch his bones riding the trails on his mountain bike.

Cameron Adkins
Content Manager

Cameron brings six years of broadcast news experience to the table. He produces the educational content on CardGuru by managing writers, editing articles, and creating interesting and informative videos. If he’s not behind a camera or computer, you’ll find Cameron in the great outdoors with a fishing pole in his hand.

Jon J.
Manager of Multimedia Content

Jon J. is a seasoned veteran of creating meaningful content and multimedia. A former sportswriter and teacher, Jon is always looking to provide a fresh perspective and educate the masses as best he can. He currently applies this approach to CardGuru.com, specializing in video and multimedia content to enrich the user experience.

Melissa R.
Senior Copywriter and Creative Strategist

Melissa is a writer, blogger and author in Tampa who appears in several publications under a number of pseudonyms. She's a momtrepreneur and content marketer who offers in-house content and guidance to the CardGuru team. In the rare event Melissa has some time, she fills it by learning new things. Whether studying how to be a better advocate in her community or taking an online course on some obscure subject, Melissa is always committed to a path of learning, understanding, and empathy.

Shayna W.
User Experience Designer

Shayna has been creating thoughtful user experiences for more than 12 years in a variety of industries, including aviation, human resources, and finance. She loves talking with users and testing designs to create sites that are engaging and enjoyable to use. When not creating meaningful experiences in the finance industry, she’s doing so for her family in Tampa. She loves outdoor sports but she’s more likely to be spotted at a little league game than a bike trail.

Victor Santana
Senior ReactJS Developer

Victor is responsible for front end development of the Cardguru website. These duties include making the site user-friendly, reactive, responsive and ready to use for your life on-the-go. Victor is also a professional gamer. That’s right, folks! He makes money playing video games. It’s okay to be a little jealous.

Ryan Dial
Senior Software Engineer

Ryan serves as the primary software engineer for CardGuru.com. He creates a user friendly experience by integrating front end and API development. Ryan likes his beard and his craft beer, which he sometimes enjoys at home with four dogs, a cat, and two fish.

Hannah H.
Social Media Manager

Hannah is the manager of all things social media at CardGuru. With experience writing, blogging, and hashtagging up a storm, she currently helps spread our content and a good word about CardGuru into the social-sphere. Hannah’s so dialed into pop culture, by the time you’ve heard about the next big Netflix show, she’s already totally over it. Say hi to Hannah on CardGuru’s social sites.