About Us

Inform. Compare. Connect.

The internet isn't always the most trustworthy place. We know that. That's why the CardGuru team is determined to earn your trust with something you don't see often: full transparency. We outline our methodology and editorial policy in the clearest terms possible, and we'd like to tell you a little more about ourselves. Our team is based out of Tampa, Florida, and our mission is to help see you succeed.

The bottom line is that we are people, too. We're a group of writers, editors, developers, designers, and credit card specialists with decades of experience in the financial space. We live and breathe credit cards, and we think the internet has made getting a credit card too complicated. That's why we work tirelessly to demystify the process for you. In fact, our team of gurus created an algorithm that presents you with credit cards that make the most sense for you.

We come into the office each and every day — just like most of you do — with the mission to help others. Our mission is not to get your money. Our mission is to educate you as you make a very important financial decision in your life.