If you’re a college student, you may be painfully aware of how important it is to start establishing a solid credit history. Maybe you’ve recently bought your first car or taken out a loan and have realized just how difficult that can be without previous credit. The Capital One Journey Student credit card is a sound choice for students looking to get a better credit score and build good habits that will follow them in life. Here’s why:

  • It only requires an average credit score
  • It offers opportunities to be rewarded for good habits
  • Pick your monthly due date and get a higher credit limit when you pay on time

With this card, students with average credit can build on their existing FICO score to open the door to more financing options. The Capital One Journey Student card allows students to monitor their FICO score online in the credit card dashboard. It also rewards students with extra point bonuses for making payments on time. If you make your monthly payments for several months straight, without missing a payment deadline, you could be eligible for a higher credit limit.

That’s in addition to cash back rewards on purchases, which isn’t a typical perk of cards for moderate credit. Because Capital One is taking a risk on students who want to build credit, you may find the APR for this card is on the higher side. It will benefit you to pay on time and not carry a balance. However, this is a good choice for students who need to get more access to credit and learn how to use it the correct way.