The Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card gives a little bit of cash back on everything. Get points on your purchases and combine with other Chase cards for maximum rewards.

To tell whether the Chase Freedom Unlimited card is worth your consideration, see if you:

  • Already have a Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire Preferred, or Chase Sapphire Reserve card
  • Have a credit score above 680
  • Want a cash back card for everyday expenses

The best way to maximize your earning potential with the Chase Freedom Unlimited card is through combining it with other Chase Ultimate Rewards cards. This can be done with the Chase Freedom card, the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Sapphire Reserve cards. There's no transaction fee or penalty for moving points from one card to another. You can swap your points around for maximum value as much as you want. The Chase Freedom Unlimited is a simple card that earns you points on almost every purchase. That means there's no need to go fumbling through your wallet looking for the right card that earns you the highest amount at a gas station, restaurant or pharmacy.