The Chase Slate Card is one of many credit cards offered by the Chase family of products. It offers numerous benefits to users who are interested in transferring balances over from high-interest rate credit cards, as well as first-time cardholders who are looking for a good deal and you can start forming the foundations for good credit and financial health habits. While other credit cards specialize in things like airline miles or rewards points, the Chase Slate is the ideal credit card for balance transfers.

People who own the Chase Slate card say that the application process is smooth and even with a fair credit rating you may still get approved, however, the amount you're allowed to transfer over may be less. Those with good credit who are looking to pay down a small balance find that Chase Slate works precisely as advertised.

In order to use this card to its fullest and take advantage of all of its benefits, it's worth having the foundations of good financial health to begin with. If you're looking for a reliable card and don't carry much (if any) credit card debt on you, the Chase Slate is one you'll want to have on hand. Plus, adding to this the fact that you can get your FICO score free each month as well as being enrolled in the Blueprint program make the Chase Slate card one of our top picks to help you pay down your debt quickly and effectively.