If cash is king, the Citi Double Cash Card is your ticket to royalty. This cash back card, which boasts no annual fee, is touted as the hassle-free, versatile rewards credit card you've been searching for to use on all your everyday purchases.

Answer the questions below to find out:

  • Do you spend very little on dining out and gas?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the number of reward credit cards in your wallet, and have trouble remembering which is the best card to use for each type of purchase?
  • Do you travel infrequently, so miles aren't very valuable for you?
  • Are you looking to transfer a credit card balance to another card?

If you've answered yes to a few or more of the questions above, the Citi Double Cash Card—which offers the top cash back rewards rate among its competitors—may be worth looking into further.

Bar chart of largest Credit Card Companies in America in 2018

With some of the best cash back rewards available, signing up for the Citi Double Cash Card is a no-brainer—assuming you have good credit. If you're looking to transfer a credit card balance and take advantage of the generous balance transfer rate, this card is a good bet.

For those consumers whose purchases fall into a broad range of categories and who are not diligent about opting into and keeping track of bonus rewards categories each quarter, the Citi Double Cash Card is a good everyday, primary credit card for all of your purchases. With this card, you can let go of the mental calculus of figuring out which is the best rewards credit card to use based on your purchase categories.