You're the perfect customer for Citi Simplicity if you want a no-fee credit card with a long 0% interest rate.

Wondering whether the Citi Simplicity is a better bet for you? Answer the questions below to find out:

  • Are you planning to make a big purchase from a store without a store loyalty program?
  • Are you looking to transfer a credit card balance to a 0% interest card?
  • Do you sometimes accidentally make late credit card payments?

If you answered yes, then Citi Simplicity is a good credit card to consider. If you're working to pay off credit card debt, the Citi Simplicity is a good bet. The Citi Simplicity's strength lies in its promotional period, which is among the longest and most generous industry-wide. If you are giving it everything you've got to pay down credit card debt, you'll find that you can save more money with the Citi Simplicity.