This card is an ideal fit for users who have bad credit or are looking to build their credit score for the first time. Credit One Bank also offers credit score monitoring and learning opportunities for those who are new to credit. There is an annual membership fee that starts being assessed in year one, with the amount dependent upon the initial credit line issued. This fee may change each subsequent year.

While easier to access than a traditional credit line, the total amount you will pay in annual fees isn’t the only confusing concern for consumers. Aside from not knowing your fee until the time of approval, you also don’t know what kind of card you’ll be eligible for when you make application, what your rates will be and more. The credit card terms and conditions, online, are generic and all of this makes some consumers uneasy.

That said, the Credit One Bank Platinum Visa is an unsecured card, which means there is likely no deposit required, making it a solid choice for people with “Poor” credit who don’t have a lot of cash on hand. If you need access to credit and don’t have a score that supports better options, this could be a fine choice when used responsibly as a credit building tool, rather than as a line of credit to be treated lavishly.