The First Progress Platinum Prestige Mastercard Secured credit card is one of a few options for people with bad credit, poor credit, limited credit or no credit at all. When it comes to First Progress cards, they offer limited perks and few incentives to new cardholders. On the bright side, however, a card from First Progress can make your financial situation seem less hopeless if you are one of many Americans who needs access to credit but has trouble getting approved for more competitive offers.

The selling point of the First Progress Platinum Prestige card is it provides an easy-to-navigate online path to approval. With no minimum credit score or credit history required, users can quickly and seamlessly complete an online application. If approved, the card issuer offers expedited processing for people who need to get plastic in their hands, quickly.

Of the three platinum cards offered by First Progress, the Platinum Prestige has the highest annual fee but offers the lowest interest rate, essentially allowing consumers to trade APR points for fee dollars. This could be the right card for someone who has a low credit score or no credit. That’s especially true if the consumer needs a card quickly and doesn’t mind making a deposit and paying fees in exchange for lower APR.