If you have bad credit, no credit or other limitations that prevent you from accessing revolving credit, you may wonder: what can you do? Not having any credit history, or worse a sub-prime one, can be damaging to you, your family and can have a devastating impact on your lot in life. Don’t feel hopeless, however, there is a solution for you. It may be that the Green Dot primor Secured Visa credit card is an option.

You can use the primor Secured Visa to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. Make your payments on time or pay your balance down to zero each month and your credit score is likely to improve, eventually. The card issuer reports your payment and spending behavior to all three credit bureaus, so if you aren’t responsible with the card that could harm your credit as much as good credit habits will help it. Make sure to consider all aspects that go into increasing your credit score, which include not only payments but other things like credit utilization percentage.

The good news is if you’re ready to take the plunge and get a card, this isn’t a tough one to get approved for if your income exceeds your monthly expenses. One key factor of this credit card is that it’s secured. That means you have to pay a deposit, and the deposit equals your credit limit. For some people in a tough financial spot, that may mean the limit starts quite small. However, the Green Dot primor Secured Visa offers opportunities to increase your credit limit based on a solid payment history. This makes it a valuable card for those seeking credit for the first time, or people who need to redeem themselves in the eyes of creditors.