When it comes to Milestone Gold Mastercard, this card is designed for those seeking to build their credit. It’s a straightforward, what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of card. Users like the ability to raise your credit score, but don’t always appreciate the high fee. Here’s the whole scoop on Milestone Gold Mastercard:

For people with “Poor” credit who are interested in raising their score, the appeal about this card is clear. You can apply without hurting your credit score and it might give you access to credit. Due to Milestone implementing a “soft pull” process, an application for this card never negatively impacts your score. That could be important for people who are trying to build their credit rather than damage it trying to find the right credit card.

Because this is a card designed for people with less than stellar credit, those approved will find that it comes with hefty fees that actually range based on your creditworthiness and the downside there is that you don’t necessarily know what kind of fee you're going to be offered going into the application. The unclear terms and conditions confuse some users. Still, others report raising their credit using this card. At the end of the day, if your options are limited, this basic credit card could be just what you need to open the door to more credit opportunities.