Thinking about the Milestone Unsecured Mastercard? If you have bad credit, it’s time we had a little chat. The hunt for the best credit card probably seems like a bit of a joke. Very few credit cards for “Poor” credit ratings offer rewards (although there are some). Most of them have higher than average APRs, and few bonuses. It may have you feeling a little discouraged, or thinking, “Why even use credit at all?” You’re not alone.

That said, you do need to use credit. YOU, a person with “Poor” credit, need to use credit more than others. You also need to do it responsibly. This way you can increase your creditworthiness and when it comes to buying your next car or home, or taking out a loan to start a business or fund a personal venture, you can get approved and get the best rates. If you have “Poor” credit and it stays that way, you’re in for a world of hurt.

That’s where the Milestone Unsecured Mastercard comes in. It doesn’t have many perks or much else that's very enticing about it, but it’s an ordinary card for bad credit—likely just what you need, in terms of the basics. The major reward comes in the form of building healthy credit habits that raise your score. Once you’ve done that, not only will your financial health improve but you’ll have access to swankier rewards cards and higher credit limits to put your new positive credit building skills to good use. You don’t even have to have a checking account to apply! Just be sure not to carry a balance because this card, while giving you access to a credit line with no deposit, has a higher than average interest rate.