Reflex Mastercard Credit Card

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Like most cards for fair credit, poor credit or downright bad credit, the Reflex Mastercard is met with mixed reviews. For that reason, let’s start this one by stating what it’s not. The Reflex Mastercard is not a rewards card. You don’t get any cash back or a fun point system to apply toward travel and freebies. It isn’t the lowest variable interest rate card out there —those perks are reserved for people with fair to excellent credit.

This credit line is designed for higher risk shoppers who have trouble getting approved for a more traditional card due to the unique credit situation they are in. For those people, this card offers a fast and easy application process, where the results can be delivered digitally in seconds. It also will offer approved consumers a higher starting credit limit than most cards of this type. It isn’t a secured credit card, so in most cases, no deposit is required. However, the card issuer reserves the right to charge one based on creditworthiness, and users of the Reflex Mastercard are subject to fees.

In fact, one major criticism of this card includes higher than average fees for cards of this type. Before you apply, read the fine print and understand what you are signing on for. There may be better options for both secured and unsecured credit lines that cater to people with bad credit. As far as building your credit is concerned, it’s an important thing to prioritize and this card is one option to help you on the road to credit recovery.