SEPHORA Beauty Insider Card

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Sephora is an international makeup giant. Sephora’s growth has soared in recent years. Its only real competitor in the multi-billion dollar beauty department store market, Ulta, also saw large increases. Where Ulta does better with in-store retail sales, Sephora excels at marketing to individuals, online.

Sephora targets consumers in a few different ways, as listed below:

  • It markets to women who love luxury items. Owned by multinational luxury goods company, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE (LVMH), Sephora offers the finest products you can't get anywhere else.
  • It markets to tech-savvy millennials: using digital innovation, Sephora has met younger consumers where they live by offering apps with Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.
  • It markets to makeup addicts: Sephora customers can spend thousands of dollars every year on products and it helps that they're getting huge rewards for their loyalty.
  • It markets to women of color. Sephora has also championed inclusive cosmetics, reaching a largely ignored and untapped consumer market.

If you fall into one of the above categories, you may be thinking about enrolling in Sephora’s Beauty Insider loyalty program. Here’s the what you need to know:

Beauty Insider's easy application process is a refreshing breeze. It is absolutely free to apply for a Sephora BI card either in store or online. Because the program is interactive, you will need to create a Sephora online account at by providing your name, email address and creating a password. If you received your BI card at the store, you will need to create an online account and link it to your membership number.

If you’re in store signing up, don’t forget to grab your freebies. Sephora customers are allowed three free product samples on each visit to the store—and that’s a nice little bonus. Sephora Beauty Insiders also get to choose freebies upon online checkout.

Love all things Sephora? If you frequent the fragrant aisles of posh cosmetics and beauty products or find yourself purchasing the latest highly-touted makeup magic, you should apply for the Sephora Beauty Insider (BI) Program right away. The Beauty Insider program is considered one of the best loyalty programs for beauty products on the market today—if not the best—and not just for its rewards, but also for its immersive experience.

As a member of the BI Community, you get rewarded for your beauty product purchases. Plus, you won't run out of ideas and inspiration for your next look as it allows you to access forums, beauty advice, live chat help, events, and even inspiration boards. Sephora has taken all the best things about social media and created its own microcosm for makeup lovers. This is all part of Sephora's focus on using technology to provide better customer experiences.

And it's working beautifully, as Sephora is now the number one specialty beauty retailer in the world.