Sequin KLS Prepaid Visa® RUSHCARD

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The RushCard Prepaid Visa credit card was created by American entrepreneur and record mogul, Russell Simmons. It’s a loadable Visa card designed for people who don’t have a checking account. Using the RushCard to manage money makes things like accessing payroll funds easier for those who don’t bank.

In 2015, the card suffered a devastating blow when a power outage caused customers to be locked out of their account, some for more than a week. The issue was investigated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Between fines and settlements, the card issuer paid over $20 million to those affected by the outage before being purchased by Green Dot in 2017. So what’s the deal with the RushCard today? That’s what we will explore below.

All in all, our analysis of the card is as follows:

  • Convenience: This card is convenient for people who don’t use conventional banking and financial institutions.
  • Making payments and withdrawing funds are easier with this card.
  • Funds can be deposited at no cost, but for speedier access fees may be assessed.
  • The RushCard’s fees cost consumers more than competitors.

Is the RushCard a great value? It’s hard to say. But for someone who doesn’t use methods of traditional banking, the RushCard Prepaid Visa credit card can be used everywhere Visa is accepted. This makes it a highly accessible card for the right kind of customer.