The Assent Platinum Mastercard is a secured credit card intended to help people get access to credit even if they don’t have a great score. This type of card is not for everyone, but it definitely serves a purpose and has a niche. If you’re struggling to build credit and can afford to pay a deposit, this card may be an option for you.

Few benefits are bestowed upon cardholders, seeing as this is a card with no frills. Among them are no annual fee in the first year, monthly reporting to all three credit bureaus and wide acceptance. The fully-refundable deposit ranges, but starts around $200 and will generally equal your credit limit. If you need a credit card to book a hotel or rent a car, or do any number of things you have to have a credit card to do, having this piece of plastic in your wallet can unlock those opportunities.

This Mastercard doesn’t have its own mobile app at the time of this publication, but the account can be managed relatively easily online. Once established, you can access your online account 24/7 if you have questions about the card or want to check your balance or more. All in all, when used properly, this card could be a road to better credit and sweeter credit card deals in the future.