Wells Fargo Platinum Visa

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The Wells Fargo Platinum is an average credit card, but it’s not necessarily the best addition to most people's wallets. Where the card really shines is with its extended intro APR period. For people looking to transfer a balance or finance a one-time large purchase, this could be a boon. There is a small balance transfer fee, however. If you are simply looking for a no- or low-interest card for regular, everyday use, this isn’t the card for you. You’d be much better off getting a rewards card and paying the balance in full each month to avoid interest, if that's the case.

This card is fairly ordinary, and beyond the intro APR offer, it doesn’t have many perks. That said, the card seems to have a bit of an identity crisis. The perks it has don’t make it easy for the average consumer to decide if it’s a balance transfer card or better suited for everyday use. For instance, it entices you to make bill pay a priority as one of its few benefits and it offers cell phone protection if you pay your bill with the card. That can be helpful for someone who has a pricey piece of smartphone technology and no insurance or care plan. However, similar offers exist with better rewards cards. So, do your research.

The bottom line is if you have the “Good” to “Excellent” credit score required for this Platinum card, there are likely other offers coming your way that are better. That said, if you plan to carry a balance and don’t need perks (perhaps, you already carry a great rewards card) the extended intro APR period might be enough to sway you to apply for the Wells Fargo Platinum Visa. You aren’t likely to be disappointed as long as you understand the simple nature of this card going into the agreement.