Business Credit Cards

1. Chase Ink Business Cash

Chase Ink Business Cash card art
Recommended Credit:
Excellent and Good Credit



Why We Like It:

"Big cashback for business"

There are clear benefits to using the Chase Ink Business Cash credit card. It’s the cash back card many business owners have been dreaming of, with offers of higher than average cash back rewards in easily spendable categories. It also has the potential for bonuses and intro offers that make it good for one-time capital expenditures or balance transfers in year one.

So what’s the catch? Well, there are some potential drawbacks. The Chase Ink Business Cash may be less useful for businesses that don’t prioritize telecom utilities as a credit expenditure or don’t shop for office supplies with any frequency. It also has a cap on bonus cash back. That means once the spending threshold is met, rewards diminish greatly in value.

For these reasons, some business owners with excellent credit may be enticed by more rewarding credit card offers. However, Chase Ink Business Cash is a well-rounded business credit card for making large purchases, transferring balances or just for everyday spending. If you’re a business owner looking for a credit card that meets your basic needs and offers some rewards, the Ink Business Cash card by Chase is a solid option.