Editorial Guidelines

At CardGuru, our users are the top priority. As such, we are committed to sharing credit card and personal finance strategies. Our goal is to connect you with the products that make your life more enriched and your financial future more stable. To do that, we adhere to a handful of editorial guidelines that inform the types of things we post and what we say.

Key editorial characteristics:

  • Editorial content will be presented in a clear, accurate, and fair manner.
  • Editorial content will be differentiated from credit card and CardGuru marketing efforts.
  • A separation between CardGuru’s editorial department and advertisers exists to protect consumers from information that is influenced by marketing.
  • Editorial integrity is paramount in our content department and our writing is honest and accurate.
  • We are committed to fact-checking and updating credit card information as necessary.
  • A dedicated editorial staff is responsible for all created editorial content, and those involved in the process seek to offer transparency through the CardGuru website and biographic information.
  • Reviews of credit card products are conducted objectively.
  • The performance of the editorial staff is not judged based on how many favorable or unfavorable reviews they create for a specific product.
  • Editorial employees of CardGuru do not receive compensation from credit card companies to produce content.

To learn more about the people who create content for CardGuru, please visit the biographical pages for Daniel Alexander, Anna Spencer, and Susan Sitwell.