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Hilton Honors American Express Review

Hilton Honors American Express Card card art
Recommended Credit:
Excellent and Good Credit


Annual Fee


Why We Like It:

"7X Points: Hilton Hotel/Resort"

Whether you're traveling for work or taking a weekend getaway, a travel rewards card can reward you for every dollar you spend. And if you usually choose a Hilton hotel or resort, the Hilton Honors American Express Card can help you rack up points quickly and enjoy a few extra perks during your stay. Of course, the points you earn can only be redeemed within the Hilton brand, which is fairly standard for a hotel-brand credit card. If you almost always stay at a Hilton property, then the Hilton Honors Card will absolutely be beneficial for you.

People who love to stay at Hilton hotels and related brands like Waldorf Astoria, Hampton, and Embassy Suites more than once a year get the maximum benefits out of this card.

Before you decide if the card is right for you, ask yourself:

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, the Hilton Honors card may be a smart option for you. The more you travel, the more you earn. If you're not sure yet whether a travel rewards card is the best option for you, the Hilton Honors Card is a low-risk way to find out. Terms apply.

Amex Platinum Card Review

Platinum Card from American Express card art
Recommended Credit:
Excellent and Good Credit


Annual Fee


Why We Like It:

"Huge benefits for big spenders"

The Platinum Card from American Express makes the ideal travel companion. It undoubtedly proves that not all travel credit cards are created equal. The Amex Platinum is simply in a class of its own, and it's poised to expand your world even more as you travel, thanks to the bountiful opportunities for luxury upgrades and travel bonuses it provides. You'll be able to travel more frequently and more conveniently, courtesy of easy reward-redemption options through Amex's Membership Rewards program.

This card opens doors — literally. Whether it's the door to your Uber ride or the door to that amazing airport lounge on the other side of the world, the Platinum Card by Amex lets you in. You don't know travel until you travel with the Amex Platinum. There's a reason Amex didn't name this card Silver or even Gold. It's Platinum, and boy, does it deserve it!

Although Amex has long retired two of its famous taglines: "Membership has its privileges," and "Don't leave home without it," their underlying sentiments still ring true for their card today.

If travel is an important element of your life, and you have a credit score that lands in the "Good" to "Excellent" range, then you should probably apply for this card.

If you want a travel card that works and plays as hard as you do, then you've found it. Using up the airline and Uber credits, plus a handful of airport lounge visits sprinkled in, means you've easily scored back the entire cost of your annual fee. And that's not even touching all the thousands—yes, thousands!—of points you'll get with promotions and deals through the Membership Rewards program. So if you're gearing up for lots of travel in 2019, the Amex Platinum card would definitely be a travel companion worthy of a space in your wallet. Terms apply.

Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express

American Express Blue Cash Preferred card art
Recommended Credit:
Excellent and Good Credit

Everyday Rewards


Annual Fee


Why We Like It:

"6% cashback on U.S. groceries"

If you want a credit card with a low cash back threshold, plus cash back on everyday purchases like groceries or gas, the American Express Blue Cash Preferred card may be a good choice. Not only do you get cash back for buying everyday items with your card, you could also qualify for some introductory perks.

Even after any intro period incentives are over, the variable interest rate range is very competitive. It offers one of the lowest interest rates for those with excellent credit. But interest rates can change, so it’s important to understand other places where this card can offer value.

With 6% cash back rewards at local supermarkets, it’s a great incentive for families that cook and eat at home often. You can also get cash back at gas stations and even department stores. Just make sure you’re using your cash back bonuses. If you plan to, the Blue Cash Preferred by American Express is a great choice!

American Express Credit Cards

Your credit card is one of the most important tools for maintaining and improving your financial health.

Pick the right card and you can get cash back or other rewards on your most frequent everyday purchases.

Choose the wrong card and you could face sky-high interest rates and fees that ruin your credit score, sap your savings, or prevent you from qualifying for a mortgage.

With hundreds of cards to choose from—each with its own rewards, benefits, and drawbacks—evaluating a credit card issuer can be challenging, even in the best of times.

It becomes even more of an issue when you're looking at a company like American Express, also popularly known as AmEx.

AmEx has spent decades cultivating an aura of exclusivity around its cards, marketing them as the obvious choice for executives, jet-setters, and the well-to-do.

This is an accurate depiction—but only for some of AmEx's cards.

Yes, some of its cardholders get access to exclusive events, like private dinners hosted by Michelin-starred chefs, but not every member is the same—and not every AmEx card is, either.

AmEx also has cards for non-millionaires. If you have good credit and a consistent income, you can most likely get one of the company's cards designed for people without multiple commas in their bank balance.

Still, plenty of people assume that an AmEx card is out of their reach.

That's part of the reason why I dug deep into the data on AmEx as a company—to dispel that notion and to find out how AmEx Cards really stack up against their competitors.

On top of that, I'm also curious about what existing clients have to say about the quality of their services.

Aside from credit cards, AmEx is also at the forefront of providing financing to small and medium-sized businesses.

So if your company ever needs a cash infusion, it would be very helpful to find out if AmEx can offer you the best terms on a loan.

We've researched and collected the most relevant and up-to-date information on American Express and its cards, including data about their closest competitors, so you will be able to pick the best card option for you.

Read on to get a deeper insight into how AmEx actually works, and to find out if there's an AmEx card that's a good fit for your own lifestyle needs and personal buying habits.

American Express Overview

AmEx is one of the largest credit card companies today, with its customers spending $686.9 billion dollars with its cards in 2017, according to the Nilson Report.

That means AmEx controls 20% of the credit card market.

There are four important things to know about AmEx

Four essential facts about the company can explain its popularity and serve to help you determine whether one of its cards could be right for you.

AmEx is known for serving premium consumers. These cards are defined by annual fees costing hundreds of dollars and being favored by a wealthy clientele.

That's starting to change, though.

Competition and attempts at further expanding the company's market share are pushing AmEx to offer cards to more than just the rich.

Solid financing options for business. Small and medium-sized businesses often turn to AmEx for fast loans with competitive interest rates.

Its business credit cards also provide benefits for everyone from corporate employees to entrepreneurs.

An expanding list of partners. A main draw for AmEx is its ever-growing network of partners that provide cardholders with exciting rewards.

These include well-established industry names like Hilton, American Airlines, and newer ones like Uber.

It's looking towards a digital future. AmEx is trying to future-proof its cards by integrating them with Google and Apple Pay, and finding other ways to make them as seamless and easy to use as possible.

Cardholders can get high-quality discounted merchandise

AmEx's Membership Rewards website also highlights special deals where you can buy merchandise at discounted rates using your points.

Unlike other credit card companies, most of these featured items are fairly high-end.

This includes products from Kate Spade, GoPro, and Apple.

Know that other credit card companies offer similar deals

A lot of the partnerships with airlines, hotels, and retailers were innovative when they were first introduced by AmEx years ago.

However, competitors like Chase can now go toe-to-toe with AmEx by running similar deals through the Ultimate Rewards program.

For instance, you can swap out your Ultimate Rewards points for airline miles as well.

That's not to say that the partnerships and programs AmEx offers are bad by any stretch.

Just be sure that the deals they offer are right for you and your spending habits.

AmEx cards are now more accessible than ever, but think before you apply

After reading through this guide, you should be feeling much more confident when deciding whether a card from AmEx is right for you.

The trick is to not let the carefully formulated image AmEx has built up over the years cloud your perception of its cards as being for elites only or out of reach.

Look at the company's strengths and weaknesses when it comes to its cards, business financing options, digital capabilities, and partnerships.

Carefully consider your spending habits to see whether you would be better served by an AmEx card or if you should go with one of its many competitors.

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