Best Capital One Credit Cards – Our Top Picks for 2019

Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Card

Capital One Quicksilver card art
Recommended Credit:
Excellent and Good Credit

Everyday Rewards


Annual Fee


Why We Like It:

"1.5% cash back on everything"

A card with easy to understand cash back rules — 1.5% cash back anywhere, on all purchases. There are no rotating categories to manage or spending caps to watch out for. So if your spending habits include a wide range of categories, a flat rate card like this might be your best choice. You can also easily redeem the cash back earned (even from the mobile app) with a statement credit, gift card, or bank deposit.

In addition to cash back, this card also has an awesome intro APR offer which gives you 0% on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months. There is also a nice sign-up bonus that gives you $150 after you spend $500 within 3 months of opening your account. And to top off all of the awesome perks this card includes, there is also no annual fee to use the card.

Key features:

Welcome Offer: Get a one-time $150 cash bonus after you spend $500 in qualifying purchases within 3 months of opening your account
Cash Back Rate: Unlimited 1.5% cash back on all purchases, every day — no rotating categories to deal with
No Rush Or Worry: Cash back rewards won’t expire as long as the account is open and there is no earning limit
Introductory APR: 0% intro APR on all purchases for 15 months — 0% intro APR on balance transfers for 15 months (3% fee on amounts transferred within the first 15 months)
Fees: There is no annual fee or foreign transaction fees
Extra Perks: Includes Visa Signature benefits — offering shopping discounts, travel upgrades, as well as preferred seating at concerts and sporting events

Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards

Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards card art
Recommended Credit:
Excellent Credit

Everyday Rewards


Annual Fee


Why We Like It:

"3% cash back means cheaper bar tabs"

Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards is an optimal choice for people with Excellent Credit. With enticing perks like cashback rewards and intro APR offers on purchases and balance transfers, this card pulls out all the stops. For savvy credit users, this is a great credit card for anyone who spends on dining and entertainment. Here’s what we love about SavorOne:

Initially the Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards may look like any other rewards credit card, but peel back the surface and there’s a lot of perks for frequent diners. Unlimited 3% cash back on entertainment is the most significant. That’s far above average rewards for doing something you are doing anyway, dining out! However, if you choose to dine in, you get 2% at grocery stores. Still, there’s 1% on all other purchases. So no matter how or where you dine, you’re earning something.

If revenge is a dish best served cold, get back at your mountain of credit card debt by taking advantage of 0% for 15 months on balance transfers. Not only that, but you also get 0% for 15 months on purchases too. Use that incentive to revamp the space where you dine, remodel your kitchen or just make a big purchase you’ve been dreaming of.

All in all, we think this card is pretty great. The major drawback is that you have to have Excellent Credit to get approved. If you’re a planner who has inconsistent credit, consider the Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards your #creditcardgoals in the years to come. If you have a great credit score and are hungry for savings, this is a stellar card to add to your wallet.

Capital One Savor Card Review

Capital One Savor Rewards card art
Recommended Credit:
Excellent Credit



Annual Fee


Why We Like It:

"Go out more; 4% cash back dining/entertainment"

If groceries and eating out make up a big part of your monthly budget, the Savor Rewards card is an excellent choice. Foodies, rejoice! The credit card you've been looking for is here. Well, it's been here since October 2017, when the Capital One Savor replaced the bank's Premier Dining Rewards. And it's definitely good news for those who love dining, drinking and even Instagramming their gastronomic exploits.

Because on top of sweetening the benefits, the Savor card delivers a combination of food-centered cash back rewards in one tasty experience. You can expect more cash back on dining, entertainment and groceries than every other purchase. All of that, plus other benefits, make the Savor one tough cookie to beat when it comes to getting rewarded for something as enjoyable as wining and dining.

The Savor's three-tier cash back system is unique. Food makes the world go round. And it also makes the Savor card worth your time and money.

Before you fill in the application, ask yourself these questions:

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, then you should consider getting yourself the Savor and making it your main credit card. Terms apply.

Capital One Journey Student Rewards

Capital One Journey Student Rewards card art
Recommended Credit:
Fair Credit

Everyday Rewards


Annual Fee


Why We Like It:

"Choose your payment date"

If you’re a college student, you may be painfully aware of how important it is to start establishing a solid credit history. Maybe you’ve recently bought your first car or taken out a loan and have realized just how difficult that can be without previous credit. The Capital One Journey Student credit card is a sound choice for students looking to get a better credit score and build good habits that will follow them in life. Here’s why:

With this card, students with average credit can build on their existing FICO score to open the door to more financing options. The Capital One Journey Student card allows students to monitor their FICO score online in the credit card dashboard. It also rewards students with extra point bonuses for making payments on time. If you make your monthly payments for several months straight, without missing a payment deadline, you could be eligible for a higher credit limit.

That’s in addition to cash back rewards on purchases, which isn’t a typical perk of cards for moderate credit. Because Capital One is taking a risk on students who want to build credit, you may find the APR for this card is on the higher side. It will benefit you to pay on time and not carry a balance. However, this is a good choice for students who need to get more access to credit and learn how to use it the correct way.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards

Capital One VentureOne Rewards card art
Recommended Credit:
Excellent and Good Credit

Annual Fee


Why We Like It:

"For frugal, occasional travelers"

If you travel frequently and like to whip out plastic for everyday purchases, the Capital One VentureOne credit card is a flexible travel card that offers you freedom. The card's basic rewards structure offers flat rate points on all purchases, and they are easily redeemable points, to boot.

The biggest bonus to owning a VentureOne card is it’s easy-going earning potential. It allows you to earn slightly higher than average points on all purchases. Unlike it’s cousin card, the Venture Rewards card, the VentureOne card has no annual fee at the time of writing this. For the shopper who is also a mover and a shaker, the Capital One VentureOne card offers a host of perks that see no end to your wanderlust.

Capital One Secured Mastercard Review

Capital One Secured Mastercard card art
Recommended Credit:
Bad Credit





Why We Like It:

"Refundable deposit build credit"

Responsibly using the Capital One Secured Mastercard can help you build, or rebuild, credit. Secured credit cards, like this one from Capital One, can be a great option for people with low credit scores or no credit history.

If you’re approved for the Capital One Secured Mastercard, you need to pay the minimum security deposit before your account can be opened. The security deposit cannot be applied to your monthly payments but will be refunded as long as you pay your balance in full when you close your account.

Even though you make a security deposit, the Capital One Secured Mastercard is still a credit card, not a prepaid card. It looks like any standard Capital One credit card, and Capital One will report your credit standing to the three major bureaus. Making payments on time can improve your credit, and being late or missing payments could hurt it.

After approval, you’re given an initial credit line which you can increase by depositing more than required for the security deposit or by making your first five monthly payments on time. Thanks to the Capital One Secured Mastercard, a not-so-stellar credit score doesn't mean you have to be locked out of the credit card universe.

Capital One Platinum

Capital One Platinum Credit Card card art
Recommended Credit:
Good, Fair, and Bad Credit



Why We Like It:

"Credit builder no annual fee"

The Capital One Platinum card is a pretty vanilla card. It’s certainly not the worst card you could have in your wallet if you have a less than stellar credit score. For people with a “Fair” score, who don’t have a lot of high reward options, the Capital One Platinum card offers a stepping stone to better credit and a higher credit limit through the “Credit Steps” program. This program allows people with below-average credit to increase their limit by making timely payments.

There’s no balance transfer fee at the time of writing this. However, this is not a balance transfer card. The high APR will make transferring any large balance counterproductive. Instead, people with “Fair” credit should use this card to propel their credit score into the “Good” or “Excellent” territories.

To make the best use of this fundamental card, only charge what you can afford to pay each month. Once the bill comes around, pay it in full prior to your payment due date. In doing so, you will build your credit in a positive light and gain access to a higher spending limit with Capital One “Credit Steps” program.

Best Capital One Credit Cards – Our Top Picks for 2019

If you've never heard of Capital One before, then kudos! The rock you've been living under must be fantastic. Their commercials are everywhere, and it's hard to avoid getting preapproved offers in the mail if your credit score is high enough. Capital One is one of the biggest credit card companies out there, and what you'll read here is the most comprehensive guide of their services that you'll find anywhere on the web.

Who is Capital One?

Capital One was founded in 1988 by Richard Fairbank based on the belief that that he could provide customized financial products to his customers.

What started as a small bank division is now a Fortune 500 company with branches in New York, the District of Columbia, Texas, and several other states.

The company has won dozens of awards not only for their workplace, but also for their leadership and community relations.

What kind of cards does Capital One offer?

Capital One offers twelve different types of credit cards:

  • Venture Rewards
  • VentureOne Rewards
  • Quicksilver Rewards
  • QuicksilverOne Rewards
  • Platinum
  • Journey Student Rewards
  • Secured Mastercard
  • Spark Cash for Business
  • Spark Select Cash for Business
  • Spark Miles for Business
  • Spark Miles Select for Business
  • Spark Classic for Business

The company has a credit card to fit every situation and need, whether you are looking for your first credit card, or you're looking for a card to yield the best bonuses.

Venture Rewards

The Capital One Venture Rewards card is only for those with Excellent and Good Credit. It's one of the highest rated travel rewards credit cards on the market, providing unlimited rewards and a ton of bonus miles if you meet the criteria. Another benefit of the Venture Rewards card is the lack of foreign transaction fees, fraud coverage, and other features like concierge services. 94% of customers recommend the Venture Rewards card.

VentureOne Rewards

While the Capital One VentureOne Rewards card requires Excellent and Good Credit, it provides less rewards than the Venture Reward card. The VentureOne card gives miles for every dollar spent, or travel rewards for every dollar spent. Like the Venture Rewards card, the VentureOne card has no foreign transaction fees, fraud protection, and additional features like concierge services, emergency card replacement, and more.

Quicksilver Rewards

Like the other high value rewards cards offered by Capital One, the Quicksilver requires an "Excellent" credit rating in order to qualify. The Quicksilver provides cashback rewards on every purchase with no upper limit. Receive unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase. No rotating categories. You earn for every dollar spent, as well as a one-time cash bonus.

QuicksilverOne Rewards

The QuicksilverOne Rewards card is a great choice for those with middling credit, as it only requires an average credit score for approval. 95% of customers recommend the card, and it includes bonus features like auto rental insurance, travel accident insurance, and 24/7 roadside assistance.


Capital One's Platinum card is the perfect option for people trying to build their credit. It requires only average credit to qualify and grants access to a higher credit line if you make the first five payments on time. The Platinum card is recommended by 93% of customers.

Journey Student Rewards

The Journey Student Rewards card is great for students. A low starting credit limit and repayment incentives teach cardholders how to be financially responsible. The included benefits aren't as extensive as some of the other cards, but still provides access to 24/7 travel assistance, travel insurance, and auto rental insurance.

Secured Mastercard

The Secured Mastercard is a bit different than the other cards on the list in that it is designed for people with poor credit. It typically requires a refundable security deposit.

Spark Business Rewards Cards

The Spark Business Reward cards are similar to those offered above, but are all aimed at business expenses. These cards don't apply to the majority of readers, but the cards are almost identical to the consumer cards with the exception of the eligible expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

Eligibility differs depending on the specific card you apply for. High yield reward cards often require excellent credit, limiting eligibility only to those with a score of 720 or higher.

However, other cards only require average credit—a range of 630-689 or higher.

Capital One also offers its Secured Mastercard for those with poor credit that need to rebuild their rating.

How are Capital One cards different from others?

Capital One sets itself apart by offering a variety of card types so that nearly anyone, regardless of income or credit rating, has a chance of approval.

Capital One also has some of the best reward cards of any on the market.

Their Venture Rewards card has the best rewards of any travel card out there.

Capital One's dedication to excellence is one of the factors that sets the company apart from its competition.

Capital One as a company also differs in that they offer traditional checking and savings accounts.

What kind of consumer would benefit most from Capital One?

While Capital One has a card for every type of consumer, those that benefit most are people who travel often for business, especially internationally.

The lack of foreign transaction fees is a benefit, as are the layers of fraud protection.

Capital One provides interactive alerts, and if the card does get stolen, the $0 fraud liability protects you from any expenses.

Capital One also contacts customers when suspicious activity is detected on their account. (For instance, when I traveled to Vietnam, Capital One locked my account and contacted me to verify the activity was legitimate.)

What are the risks of carrying a Capital One card?

The risks of owning a Capital One credit card are the same as with any other card.

Interest rates can be high, and a lack of discipline can result in overspending and burying yourself in credit card debt.

However, as long as you are careful to make your payments on time and only spend as much as you can afford to repay, there is little risk to owning a card—and plenty of reward.

The cash back and miles can be redeemed, and regular on time payments build your credit.

What fees are associated with Capital One?

Depending on the card, there may or may not be an annual fee.

If you miss a payment, you may have to pay late fees.

There are also fees such as interest payments (and overdraft payments if you have a Capital One 360 account).

How do I apply?

The easiest and most common way to apply for a Capital One card is via their secure signup form.

The form asks you to fill in your first and last name, date of birth, social security number, whether you are a US citizen or not, your contact information, email address, phone number, and financial information.

How long will it take to receive my card?

After you successfully sign up, Capital One will reach out to you within seven to ten days with your card, or information on why you were denied approval.

Is there an expiry date to the rewards offered?

No, your rewards will not expire so long as you keep your account open and in good standing.

What is the card’s fraud protection policy?

Capital One associates are required to complete annual security training. Safeguards are put in place to protect your information. If you believe you are a victim of credit card fraud, Capital One urges you to contact them immediately.

Which credit bureaus does Capital One report to?

Capital One reports to all three credit bureaus.

I already have a credit card with Capital One. Can I apply for a second one?

Capital One allows each cardholder to have two Capital One cards.

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Does Capital One offer any credit cards to help build credit?

Yes. The Capital One Platinum card is a good choice for building credit, but you do have options. Visit Capital One’s website to view all of your options.


There are a number of different credit card companies out there, but Capital One is one of the most well-known and varied companies.

Whether you're just applying for the first credit card or you're looking for something to make the most of your expenditure, Capital One is a great choice.

Capital One Address
Capital One
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Charlotte, NC 28272-1083

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