10 Places You'd Never Think to Honeymoon, but You Should

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Planning your wedding is full of excitement and anticipation that's also tied together with stress. Your honeymoon is a chance for you and your loved one to enjoy your new union.

You probably know people who have gone to places like the Caribbean to enjoy their honeymoon, but there are plenty of options out there for a honeymoon experience that's a little outside the box.

Get ready to be transformed by iconic wildlife, spectacular sights, and untouched landscapes.

Quebec, Canada

You don't have to fly to Europe to visit a place where French is the common language. For less time and money, you can get the cobblestoned streets, breathtaking architecture, and bakeries filled with delectable goods.

Mont-Tremblant has 95 runs that are available from December to April for couples who want to ski a world-famous mountain. There's a snowboard park, as well, if you want to give that a try. A gondola is available for a romantic trip between Versant Soleil and Versant Sud to the casino that's on the resort. You'll be sure to get a Vegas-like feel as you catch a live show, have a few drinks in the lounge at the bar, and play games.

Namibia, Africa

With 300 days of sunshine, you are almost guaranteed a bright honeymoon in Namibia. Expect plenty of adventure in this desert escape that has stretches of untouched lands. The landscape offers amazing sand dunes, pink garnet sand, and a vast desert.

Take a few days to trek through the desert in the Hoanib Valley Camp to find wildlife such as elephants and rhinos.

Aravalli Hills, India

Found in the state of Rajasthan, this region is visited by well over 35 million people a year. This remote, mountain range is an hour away from the populous Jaipur yet offers a totally different experience.

If you want to get amazing 360 degree views of valleys and faraway hills, head over to Fort Bishangarh. It looks as though it has grown out of the granite hills it sits atop, as it has for hundreds of years. Go track big cats at Jawai Leopard Camp, where you can return to one of the ten air conditioned luxury tents after your adventure.

Cartagena, Columbia

The Caribbean side of this Columbian city has romance written all over it, with its yellow colonial villas, cobblestoned streets, and antiquated balconies. Even with all this rich historical charm, there's fresh, new energy brimming.

Experimental kitchens that rival Lima, Peru have come up, offering delicious plates of food. A fusion of Basque and Columbian flavors can be enjoyed at Donjuan.

Stay at the Tcherassi Hotel and Spa that has turned a 250 year old Spanish mansion into a space of wood and white. Dance the night away with one of the late night salsa bars, or sail away on a boat to the Rosario Islands to get more alone time.

Woodstock, Vermont

Top-rated ski resorts, such as Killington Resort, are there to greet you in Woodstock. Between November and April, you can get all the ice climbing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and skiing your heart desires.

A hot stone massage at the Woodstock Inn & Resort's spa is the way to relax after playing out in the snow all day. Then top it all off with dinner at The Red Rooster to end the evening. A car rental is a must if you're flying in as these ski resorts don't have shuttle service and take a half an hour to get to.

Song Saa, Cambodia

These two small private islands sit on the remote Koh Rong archipelago and offer an intimate getaway for couples. After a 45 minute speedboat ride from the port city of Sihanoukville, you'll find 27 thatched villas. Made from reclaimed driftwood, they feature plunge pools and private decks, either hidden in the jungle or standing over shallow water on stilts.

You experience the Cambodian culture through spa treatments that are influenced in Buddhism and cuisine from the overwater restaurant, which features a traditional menu that's locally sourced. November to April is the dry season during the year, and that's the time you'll want to go.

Deplar Farm, Iceland

While Iceland has grown in popularity over the past several years, the area found in the far north by the Troll Peninsula is like a whole different world. Deplar Farm is an isolated, rugged land with white topped mountains and chilled waters.

There are 13 suites covered in a living grass roof, spa that consists of isopod flotation tanks, and an indoor-outdoor geothermal pool that now make up what used to be an actual farm. Adventure is everywhere with fat biking mountain trails and heli-skiing for you to get the thrills you seek.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Beautiful San Juan packs the romance with the splendor of the island's amazing sunsets. Even if your honeymoon funds are on a student budget, this city is highly affordable.

Take a ride on the ferry to Vieques Island to get plenty of photographs to take back to your friends and family. Escape to the charming Old San Juan to take in the plazas, attractions, and parks.

For a more modern take, head to Condado and Isla Verde and stay in one of their elegant hotels. Casinos, nightclubs, and water sports are just the beginning of activities to choose from.

Galapagos, Ecuador

Get ready to be transformed by iconic wildlife, spectacular sights, and untouched landscapes. Nowhere else in the world can you come face-to-face with so many unique creatures than across this archipelago of 20 islands. Each island has its own distinct wildlife and terrain.

Take a hike through the terrain or snorkel in the turquoise colored waters. Eco-lodges, hotels, and hostels can be booked on these islands, 95% of which is uninhabited by people.

Uluru, Australia

Also known as Ayers Rock, this eco-friendly desert land is far away from civilization. Get that outback experience with a tour by helicopter, or get on the ground with a camel ride.

Learn about local history near the Mutijulu water hole where guides can show you cave paintings. A chef can serve you a contemporary Australian meal as you enjoy the stars in the clear sky.

A Shared, Unique Experience

Your honeymoon is a moment in time that you will remember for a lifetime. This trip will be your first adventure together before coming back to work or having children. These places all have something special to offer couples who want to experience a unique and special destination.