5 Credit Card Perks You've Never Heard Of, but You Wish You Had

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Credit cards come with a variety of perks, like the opportunity to earn cashback rewards or maybe an awesome signup bonus. Some of the benefits, however, are less well-known. We have compiled a short list of five credit card perks you've never heard of, but you wish you had.

1. Free Museum Visits

On the first weekend of the month, if you have a Bank of America or Merrill Lynch credit card, you can receive one free general admission to a variety of museums throughout the United States. If you are looking to get out more or want to add a little more culture to your life, this unexpected credit card perk could be a huge benefit to you.

2. Wine Tasting

If you have the Visa Signature or Visa Infinite card, you can receive discounts for wine tasting and other purchases at Sonoma County Vintners. Year-round benefits at over 50 different wineries affiliated with Sonoma County Vintners? Now there's a credit card for wine lovers!

3. Companion Tickets

If you have the Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card or Delta Reserve Credit Card from American Express, you'll receive a free companion ticket every year that you're a cardholder. This means that you can bring a special someone to travel with you once a year completely for free. If you are a frequent air traveler, this is certainly a perk you cannot beat.

4. Cellular Telephone Protection

If you use your Wells Fargo Consumer Credit Card to pay your cell phone bill every month, you'll receive up to $600 in protection should your cell phone be damaged or stolen. This protection does not cover losing your phone, and reimbursement is limited to repair or replacement.

5. Global Lounge Collection

If you have the American Express Platinum International Dollar Card, you will have the opportunity to access some of the nicest lounges in the world, including the Centurion Lounge and the International American Express Lounge. If you are looking for a comfortable place to chill out while you're waiting in the airport, this credit card can open up a lot of doors for you.

With this small glimpse of the wide variety of benefits that credit cards can have, perhaps you've been inspired to look into a new credit card that has benefits to suit your lifestyle. There's something out there for everyone, so dig in and take advantage!