American Eagle Credit Card Review

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American Eagle Outfitters was originally founded as an outdoor apparel brand in 1977. As the company grew, it shifted its focus to casual apparel and dormwear. American Eagle introduced their credit card program in 1996. Today, American Eagle Outfitters has more than 1,000 stores in North America and parts of Asia, and they ship to more than 80 countries worldwide, giving customers plenty of opportunities to use one of their American Eagle credit cards. For those who shop there often, American Eagle offers two credit card options: The AEO Visa Card and an AEO Credit Card. Both cards allow customers to earn points on their American Eagle Outfitters and Aerie purchases and redeem them for discounts toward future purchases.

If you're a diehard fan of the American Eagle brand, there are definitely some perks to being a cardholder. Here are the biggest benefits of carrying an AEO Visa Card or AEO Credit Card:

  • Earn points on AEO purchases. This is the most obvious perk, you’ll earn points while you shop.
  • Earn points on purchases anywhere. Customers with the AEO Visa Card will also earn points for spending money at other stores, but they accrue slowly.
  • Get the convenience of credit. Both American Eagle credit cards offer all the usual benefits of shopping with credit.
  • Affordable prices. While the credit limit on the AEO Credit Card can be low (especially on the non-Visa version) it's an opportunity to build a credit history for customers who may not be approved for other rewards-based credit cards with higher limits.

If you love American Eagle and are getting ready to sign up for their credit card, watch out for high interest rates. It’s common among store cards, which are usually open to a wider range of credit scores. Also, don’t use this as a cash advance card. Don’t carry a balance or take out cash on the card either and you should be fine with the American Eagle card. If that’s your style, it’s not a bad choice if you want a low balance card to help build your score, and need a new casual wardrobe.