Which is Better: Amex Blue Cash Everyday Card or Chase Slate card?

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When it comes to everyday use cards, there are so many to choose from. Two that might come up on your search are the American Express Blue Cash Everyday and the Chase Slate credit cards. These two cards might have similar intro APR offers but beyond that they don’t have much in common, and one really shines. In the following article, we will look at AmEx Blue Cash Everyday and Chase Slate to explore which one is best for your wallet.

AmEx Blue Cash Everyday

The AmEx Blue Cash credit card is perfect for every day purchases, especially gas and groceries. If you’re an average consumer, you use your car to get around, and you shop for groceries every week or two. If you prefer luxury dining and entertainment, this may not be the card for you.

That said, if you shop for gas and groceries with any frequency, and most of us do, this card can offer major benefits. These include cashback rewards on every purchase, with extra bonuses for purchases spent in supermarkets and gas stations, as well as lucrative signup bonuses in the form of intro APR offers and statement credits.

The only major drawback of the AmEx Blue Cash Everyday card is that it’s not accepted as widely as competitors like Mastercard or Visa. However, it is accepted in over 1.5 million places than it was even just a year ago. Unlike most AmEx cards, this one also has low fees, making it a good option for the average shopper.

Chase Slate

The Chase Slate is a no-frills card for everyday shoppers. It is designed for anyone to use, and as such doesn’t offer specific rewards based on buying habits like shopping in certain places, or travel benefits. Basically, it’s a no rewards card.

Chase Slate
Consolidate your credit card debt
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Intro Period Months
Balance Transfer Fee
Recommended Credit:
Excellent and Good Credit
  • $0 in balance transfer fees for your first 60 days
  • Free monthly credit score
  • Late payment? No penalty APR means your rates won't go up
  • Ultimate Rewards points make it easy to transfer points across Chase cards

The most exciting thing about the Chase Slate is it’s intro APR offer which is comparable to AmEx Blue Cash Everyday. The Chase Slate is also a good balance transfer card because of its intro APR and lack of balance transfer fee for a given period after opening. This could make it a very practical card for paying down debt if you can get access to a credit limit that matches your debt.

Because of the low fees and similar intro offers, both cards are good for financing large one-time purchases if they make sense within the approved credit limit. Beyond the first year or so, however, the Chase Slate card doesn’t reap a ton of residual value. The biggest drawback of this card is its lack of rewards.

Our Assessment

For shoppers looking to make everyday purchases, the AmEx Everyday Blue Cash card is a clear winner because of its rewards. The Chase Slate may be better for balance transfers. Both cards can be used for a large one-time purchase with similar results, but if you max out your credit line on a single purchase you’ll lose out on the big reward benefits that AmEx has to offer. All in all, the AmEx Everyday Blue Cash rewards card is a better credit card because it offers more perks for the same cost.