Bluebird Card Review

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With the lowest number of fees on the market, and many extras that can make your money management easier, the Bluebird card from American Express can be a great addition to your wallet, if you're in need of a prepaid card. Ideal for people who want the security of carrying a card rather than cash, the Bluebird card looks and functions similar to a credit card, only you're not getting a line of credit, so there is no impact, positively or negatively, on your credit score.

The Bluebird card isn't completely fee-free—for instance, you'll pay a fee for using an out-of-network ATM, for adding funds via cash anywhere other than Walmart, and for certain money transfers—but it's darn close, and a bona fide, no frills prepaid card. One minor drawback might be the fact that, since it's an American Express product, you might find it less widely accepted as cards branded with Visa or Mastercard. But other than that, the Bluebird card offers value and convenience, on top of features like direct deposit, mobile check capture, easy bill pay and more.

If you're looking to save, to practice better money management, to stick to a budget or to avoid the fees that come with other cards or certain bank accounts, you really can't go wrong with the Bluebird card. It's an easy way to control the money you spend without the risk and cost of overdraft fees—because you simply can't spend money that isn't already on the card!