Banana Republic Rewards vs. Bloomingdale's Credit Cards

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If you’re a luxury shopper, you know Bloomingdale’s and Banana Republic are big names in high fashion department store shopping. You may also know that they each have their own credit cards with their own individual features and benefits. If you appreciate luxury shopping, one of these cards just might have your name on it. But which one?

Why You Should Consider These Cards

If you're a loyal retail shopper who already spends a lot of cash at the Banana Republic or Bloomingdale's, cash in on extra perks and bonus points by signing up for its branded credit card. Both Banana Republic and Bloomingdale's offer store-branded credit cards that enable you to earn bonus points and perks when you shop at their stores. With that in mind, you should consider these cards if you are a loyal shopper of either retailer.

You're the ideal customer for the Banana Republic Visa if you want to earn reward certificates off future purchases. To find out whether the Banana Republic Visa is a good fit for your wallet, answer these questions:

  • Do you have a credit score greater than 700?
  • Do you frequently shop at Banana Republic or sister stores The Gap, Athleta, or Old Navy?
  • Do you pay off your credit card balance in full each month?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then the Banana Republic Visa may be a good credit card for you.

You're the perfect customer for Bloomingdale's Amex if you already spend a lot there and want to earn store credit. Wondering whether the Bloomingdale's Amex is a better bet for you? Answer the questions below to find out:

  • Are you a frequent Bloomingdale's shopper?
  • Do you like to purchase cosmetics, fragrances, and shoes?
  • Do you frequently eat out at restaurants?

If you answered yes, then the Bloomingdale's Amex is a good credit card to consider.

Is One Card Better Than the Other?

You'll earn cash back on all your purchases at Banana Republic, the Gap, Old Navy, and Athleta when you use the Banana Republic Visa. The Banana Republic Visa is stronger because it offers you more store rewards. For those who love shopping at Banana Republic more than Amazon or other retail stores, you'll get the most bang for your buck when using the Banana Republic Visa.

For those who live by Amazon, there are cards and rewards programs to check out. In addition to a first-purchase discount, consumers also earn cash back on all purchases at Banana Republic, the Gap, Old Navy, and Athleta. Oh, and some nominal rewards on purchases everywhere else.

The rewards come in the form of points for every dollar spent at Banana Republic and its affiliated stores. Every 500 points will earn you some Banana Republic store credit. Plus, there's no annual fee. And you'll receive a gift on your birthday. People love it because of its "Luxe"-status benefits. Cardholders who spend enough per year in Banana Republic and affiliated stores qualify for "Luxe" status which unlocks additional elite benefits.

Don’t Hit Apply Just Yet

If you buy cosmetics, shoes, and fragrances at Bloomingdale's, the Bloomingdale's Amex can help you earn bonus points redeemable for store credit. If approved for the Bloomingdale's Amex, you'll get a one-time discount on purchases. For every Bloomingdale's purchase, you'll earn points per dollar on cosmetics, fragrances.

You'll earn the most points per dollar shopping at Bloomie’s, but you can spend at restaurants and on other non-Bloomingdale's purchases and get some points that way too. There’s another option for Bloomingdale’s shoppers, and that’s the store card. However, it doesn’t reward you the same and isn’t accepted outside of Bloomingdale’s stores, so skip this one and apply for the Amex.

Those who spend big each year at Bloomingdale's qualify for "top of the list" status, as they'll get free delivery and extra points for every dollar spent at Bloomie's on cosmetics, fragrances, and shoes. People love it because of "Triple Points Days" and for the chance to qualify for "top of the list" status. You'll also get unlimited complimentary gift-wrapping services and free delivery.

Which One to Choose

The Banana Republic Visa credit card offers more perks than the Bloomingdale's credit card. If you're already a loyal customer at Banana Republic and its sister companies—the Gap, Old Navy, and Athleta—you'll earn valuable perks by signing up for and using the Banana Republic Visa credit card. It’s also more widely accepted. We recommend that if you love both stores and only want one card, get Banana Republic Visa. However, if you don’t shop at Banana Republic and the Bloomingdale’s card would better serve you, it isn’t a terrible choice either.