Bank of America Credit Cards vs. Chase Credit Cards

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

Bank of America and Chase have similar credit card offerings, with everything from cashback cards, rewards points, no significant frills and relatively agreeable interest rates for the average person. Ultimately, Bank of America gets the edge, particularly for existing BoA banking customers, or folks who invest with Merrill Lynch or Merrill Edge. By rewarding you for keeping your bank accounts, investments, and credit cards all under its umbrella of offerings, Bank of America customers can take advantage of rewards packages that can grow significantly over time, alongside their individual wealth.

Chase's signup bonus is a well-known strength, as is the chance to earn cash back on certain purchases thereafter, but a complicated registration process as well as having to change your personal spending habits to coincide with its rotating categories significantly takes away from all that.

For existing Bank of American or Merrill Lynch/Merrill Edge customers, a rewards or cashback credit card from BoA just makes too much sense—as long as you're comfortable with going all-in with the same company, rolling your banking, investment, and credit card accounts together under their roof.