Bank of America Credit Cards: An In-Depth Review

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Bank of America isn't just a bank. The company also issues credit cards that compete with some of the top reward cards out there. The three most popular cards are the BankAmericard Cash Rewards, the Bank Americard Travel Rewards, and the Bank Americard. In the following article, we’ll take a look at each to answer the question: Which card is best for you?

Bank Americard Cash Rewards

The Bank of America Cash Rewards Card has a rewards program that is a great entry point into the world of cash back credit cards. Get the most cash back on gas, and some cash back at grocery stores, while still getting average cashback rewards on all other purchases up to a quarterly limit. This card offers an intro APR offer and a signup bonus too! It amounts to basically free money for you. You can get even more “free money” by redeeming your cash back into a Bank of America checking or savings account.

Bank Americard Travel Rewards

The Bank of America Travel Rewards Card is designed with travelers in mind. It offers unlimited points for every dollar spent on all purchases, and these are nothing to shake a stick at considering their higher than average value. One thing this card doesn’t have is a foreign transaction fee, which is great news for those who love international travel. There’s also an introductory APR offer, which makes it easy to travel without accruing interest on purchases. The signup bonus isn’t bad either, and while you reaping the benefits don’t forget free checked bags!

Bank Americard

The Bank Americard is a signature card from Bank of America. Bank of America's standard credit card is the go-to Mastercard for a number of people. It has many of the same perks as the above mentioned rewards cards including no annual fee at the time of writing this and an intro APR offer that’s pretty sweet. It also encourages balance transfers by waiving the fee for a limited time after opening the card. The BankAmericard is not a rewards credit card, unlike the other two items on this list, however. The big reward it offers is forgiveness. It helps you pay off debt and doesn’t penalize you for missed payments like other cards.

Bank of America Credit Cards

Everywhere you turn, credit card issuers are touting their so-called "best" cards. With these popular choices, Bank of America really delivers. Whether you’re a cashback junkie, a wanton traveler, or just looking to crush some debt, Bank of America has a card for you.