Where Do People With the Best Credit Live?

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In 2017, the average credit score across the entire United States was 675. Some regions, states, and cities, however, had average credit scores that are 25 points higher than the national average. Although I am sure there is not a different correlation, it tends to be the case that individuals who live in colder climates have higher credit scores, whereas the lowest average credit scores tended to be in states with warmer climates.

The Upper Midwest took the award for the highest average credit scores. In 2016, the ten cities with the best credit scores were located in four different states: Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. All of these cities–Madison, La Crosse, Wausau, and Green Bay in Wisconsin, Fargo in North Dakota, Sioux Falls in South Dakota, and Duluth, Minneapolis, Rochester, and Mankato in Minnesota–had average credit scores of 702 or higher.

Minnesota was also the clear winner in 2017 with an average credit score of 709, as was its major city Minneapolis with the same average credit score of 709. It was followed by Vermont (702), New Hampshire (701), South Dakota (700), and Massachusetts (699), all cold weather states!

By contrast, the states with the lowest average credit scores tended to be in the South with Alabama and Georgia at 654, Louisiana at 650, and Mississippi ranking last at 647.

Almost all of the states with the top ten highest average credit scores are in colder climates, except one: Hawaii with an average score of 693. Similarly, almost all of the states with the lowest average credit scores are in the South, except Nevada (655) and West Virginia (658). It is important, however, that the states with the lowest average credit scores in 2016 also had the lowest median household incomes with nine of the ten states below the national average.

In conclusion, the data seems to suggest that people with the best credit live in colder climates. It even appears that people with the best credit live in the Midwest, beating out even the Northeast. Even so, while the Upper Midwest did the best as a whole, it is clear that people with the best credit live in Minnesota and, more specifically, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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