Boscov's Credit Card vs. Brooks Brothers Card

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Attention department store shoppers: If you’re in the market for a new credit card, there are two you may want to consider. If you like department stores, specifically if you shop at Boscov’s and/or Brooks Brothers, you may have thought about opening one or both of their respective store-branded credit cards. Before you do, check out this review to get the scoop on which is better for your shopping pleasure.

Brooks Brothers Mastercard

You're the ideal customer for the Brooks Brothers Mastercard if you want to earn reward certificates for future purchases. It kind of goes without saying that a store-branded card is best for those who want to spend money in that store—but we're going to say it anyway: If you love Brooks Brothers, this could be a good fit for your wallet. Also consider your credit score—you should have a rating of “Good” or higher—and an amount you spend each year in the store that will make this card worth it. All in all, we like that this card has great perks which include:

  • High cashback rewards on all purchases in store and exclusive cardholder discounts.
  • Average cashback rewards on other purchases.
  • Free return shipping when you shop online.
  • Receive a birthday gift that can be used in store.

For those who love shopping at Brooks Brothers, the Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard is a no-brainer.

Boscov’s Credit Card

You're the perfect customer for Boscov's card if you have a Boscov's store nearby and are a frequent shopper of the chain. Alternatively, answer these questions to figure out if a Boscov's card is right for you:

  • Are you a Boscov's fan?
  • Do you like to purchase cosmetics, fragrances, and shoes?
  • Do you live on the East Coast, specifically in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, or Pennsylvania near a Boscov's?

If you answered yes, then the Boscov's card is a good credit card to consider.

The Boscov's card could be a great card if you are a loyal Boscov's shopper. When you apply for the Boscov's card, you'll get a one-time discount to use on your purchase, right then and there on that very day. You'll also be eligible for an annual birthday present that is sure to make you feel like a valued shopper. In addition, every purchase in the store could yield above average cashback rewards—if you spend enough there. If you don’t spend enough to earn the highest level of cashback rewards, no worries—you’ll still earn cashback on all purchases in store. However, if you aren’t a heavy Boscov’s shopper, there is probably a better rewards card out there for you.

The Winner

For stylish clothes and better rewards, choose the Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard over the Boscov's card

If you're a loyal Brooks Brothers customer who appreciates fine tailoring and high-end clothes, you'll get the most stylish savings when you shop there with the Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard. This credit card gives you the most points for every dollar you spend at Brooks Brothers, and that’s sure to add up!