BP Visa Credit Card Review

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

The BP Visa credit card is strong compared to other store cards because it earns you high cashback rewards. It may not be the best cashback rewards card on the market, however, when compared to other cards like AmEx Everyday Blue Cash rewards or Discover it Cash Back.

First, here’s a look at what we like about this card. The BP Visa offers two types of rewards: introductory and post-introductory. Both these rewards programs earn you a high percentage of cash back on eligible purchases. In terms of cashback rewards for fuel, this card offers some of the highest in the market.

If you use this card strictly on gas purchases at BP stores and pay your balance off every month you can maximize your rewards. Like most store cards, this is a low-fee card that does not cost you just to sit in your wallet. You can also link existing debit and credit cards to your BP Drivers Account making it easy and convenient to cash in on rewards.

Although the BP Visa credit card allows for high earning potential when it comes to redeeming your rewards, there are restrictions that might give other rewards cards the upper-hand in terms of overall benefit. For instance, the more you spend at BP stations on gas and other purchases the more you save on gas overall. The catch? If you drive a small car, a hybrid, or anything that has less than a 20-gallon tank — the fewer rewards you earn. Basically, the smaller the tank the less you can capitalize on your earned rewards.

Also, rebates only apply to the first 20 gallons. If you drive anything over 20 gallons, your savings are capped at the first 20 gallons when refueling your vehicle. No tank is ever free. Gas discounts will get you the lowest price possible per gallon due to fuel tax. Rebates must be used all at once. The program offers no way to redeem specific portions of your earnings or to save some of your rewards for another fuel purchase.

For these reasons, the BP Visa card is limited. We recommend this card for someone who logs a lot of miles in their vehicle and is looking for a good store card to build credit. However, if you have established credit and are eligible for a more well-rounded cashback rewards card, go with that instead.