British Airways Visa Signature Card vs. Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Card

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Do you spend a lot on travel? If so, you may be a shoe-in for a travel credit card. As you search for the right one for you, you'll come across a wide variety of options. Two that may stand out to you are the British Airways Visa Signature card and the Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card. Here's a look at how these cards stack up against each other:

British Airways Visa Signature

You're the ideal customer for the British Airways Visa Signature card if you travel often and are a big spender with great credit. This card also appeals to leisure travelers or those who have travel companions, as rewards for a high annual spend include a free companion ticket. The British Airways' Avios points system offers elite rewards that match their high-end customer base. These rewards are higher upon redemption than many competitor rewards rates.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus

The Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus credit card is for you if you want to maximize companion travel. Curious as to whether or not the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus credit card might be a good fit? Think about this:

  • Do you mostly fly domestically, and often on Southwest Airlines?
  • Do you like to travel with a spouse or partner?
  • Do you like to redeem points for trips, without having to worry about blackout dates or seat restrictions?
  • Do you spend less than $30,000 a year on your credit card?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus credit card may be a better fit for you.

Economy travelers who have a domestic wanderlust love Southwest. If you're looking to save on annual fees, the Southwest card is less expensive than its British Airways competitor. There are also no charges for Southwest cardholders whose travel plans change. People love the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus credit card because of its generous perks, like free checked bags. Plus anniversary bonuses make the point system even sweeter.

The Verdict

The British Airways Visa Signature card is better because it will earn you greater travel rewards. If you're a frequent traveler looking to fly across the globe—getting more bang for your buck—the British Airways Visa card will become a favorite credit card in your wallet. For the big spender who travels frequently internationally, the British Airways card can earn you thousands of dollars in free flights.