How Do Business Rewards Cards Differ From Regular Rewards Cards?

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Some business owners use their personal credit card for business purchases without a problem. Using a personal card is fine, but there are cases where a business card is the better option for a business owner. These cases arise because business credit cards better suit the needs of business owners.

But what is the difference? Both credit cards extend a line of credit and give customers rewards on purchases. However, there are several key differences between the two types of cards. This article aims to explain these differences so that you can decide which is best for you.

Business card signup bonuses

Business cards normally have better signup bonuses compared to personal cards. These bonuses typically come with higher spending requirements, but most businesses can meet these requirements through large purchases or everyday spending. Personal cards offer smaller signup bonuses that can be earned through everyday spending. You can maximize your bonuses by opening a business and personal credit card.

Business-specific rewards programs

You can get cashback rewards on business expenses like shipping, advertising, and other things your business does on a daily basis. You can maximize your points by taking advantage of credit category bonuses. These categories can include things like office supplies, travel, and hotel stays. You can take advantage of your business card by making purchases in your bonus categories. Personal credit cards offer credit category bonuses on things like restaurants, grocery shopping, travel, gas, etc. You can maximize your business and non-business purchases by using a business and personal credit card.

Business cards have different perks

Credit card issuers often give business cards unique perks that are you cannot get with regular cards. These perks can include things like free inflight WiFi and discounts with specific companies. Additionally, business cards can give you the ability to better manage business expenses for record-keeping purposes. Your personal card may offer very different perks like extended warranty protection and rental car insurance. You can maximize your perks by taking advantage of the perks offered by both cards.


To put it simply, business rewards credit cards are more business-friendly. Business cards can help business owners maximize their purchases by offering bonus points and perks not available with regular credit cards. Having said that, there are advantages to using business and personal credit cards for different purchases. Thus, you can achieve the best of both worlds by opening one of each card and making purchases accordingly.