Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card vs. JetBlue Plus Card

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If you're someone who travels quite a bit every year—or wants incentives to do it more often—and has "Good" to "Excellent" credit, then you may be the right candidate for the JetBlue Plus or Capital One VentureOne credit cards. Are you looking for a new travel credit card? If so, then one of these travel rewards cards deserve a spot in your wallet. Find out here which one is best for your travel needs.

JetBlue Plus

While both cards come with an enticing sign-up bonus, and both require you to spend the same in the first 90 days of opening your account, JetBlue Plus will reward you with a higher point bonus, compared to what you would earn with the VentureOne. While that's only a one-time signup bonus, JetBlue Plus comes with a small annual bonus just for keeping your account. The amount of this bonus covers most of the annual fee, making the card almost cost-free to maintain. JetBlue Plus has a way higher earning potential, which is why customers love it.

CapitalOne VentureOne

Yes, VentureOne has a lower earn rate, but it offers more freedom. One thing that may make the VentureOne card more appealing is the freedom in redeeming points, as you can book any airline or hotel of your choosing. Unlike most travel rewards cards, VentureOne isn't connected to any specific airline or hotel chain. Capital One allows cardholders to redeem points from any airline or hotel, giving users a lot more flexibility and fewer headaches when trying to book potential flights and rooms. Also, VentureOne allows cardholders to redeem points in other ways, either through statement credits or via checks, but expect your points to be at least halved in these transactions.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards
For frugal, occasional travelers
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Annual Fee
Recommended Credit:
Excellent and Good Credit
  • Receive a bonus 20,000 miles if you spend $1,000 within the first 3 months of opening this card
  • Receive 1.25x miles for every purchase made
  • Receive 10x miles from thousands of hotels
  • No blackout dates for your travel

The Winner

The make-or-break aspect of any rewards card is how it answers the question: "How far will my dollars go?" If you can't justify using the card for a significant amount of purchases, then why have it in your wallet at all? While both cards offer good arguments for being your go-to rewards card, the JetBlue Plus offers way more incentives than the VentureOne card. The JetBlue Plus has a higher rewards rate, and with its high signup and yearly bonus points, there's practically no end to the rewards you can earn with JetBlue Plus.