Capital One Savor Cash Rewards vs. Discover it Chrome for Students

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If you’re a discerning credit card user and you have a "Good" or "Excellent" credit score to back up that claim, there are a lot of reasons to get a great credit card. The main one is rewards! A popular form of credit card rewards is cash back.

For credit users, getting cashback rewards allows them some relief against fees and other costs of maintaining a card. If you do it the right way, a cashback rewards program allows you the opportunity to earn money on purchases you’re making anyway. Here’s the scoop on two popular cashback rewards cards: the Capital One Savor Rewards card and Discover it Chrome Rewards.

Capital One Savor Rewards

Besides the cashback rewards gained on dining out and groceries, the Capital One Savor Rewards card also offers a signup bonus. When Capital One replaced its Premier Dining Rewards credit card with the Savor Rewards card in October of 2017, it also upped the ante when it comes to rewards. That means higher signup bonuses and introductory rewards for new customers.

Now, that's a sweet deal! Though it has no annual fee, the Capital One Savor offers many perks usually reserved only for elite credit cards. These World Elite Mastercard Benefits include complimentary concierge service, identity theft resolution services, trip cancellation/interruption insurance, price protection, an extended warranty, and more.

Discover it Chrome

The Discover it Chrome isn't particularly generous. Cardholders earn on restaurants and gas, but there are limits to what you can earn. Then again, the Discover it Chrome Gas & Dining credit card could be a better fit because of its longer no interest period.

If you spend a lot on gas each month or are planning a big purchase, the Discover it Chrome can be a better choice. For startersm you'll get free money for longer, as the card offers a longer-than-average promotional APR period.

You’ll also get bonus cash at the pump, in addition to the regular rewards you get when you make purchases. Plus, your cashback rewards are matched after your first year—a bonus that can be a boon for smart shoppers.

People love Discover it Chrome because of its free credit monitoring. Younger customers, particularly those who are getting their first credit card or saving up to make a big purchase, said they liked the free FICO feature. The biggest customer complaint about Discover it Chrome Gas & Dining credit card is that it is not widely accepted outside the U.S.

What’s Best for Your Wallet?

The Capital One Savor Rewards credit card is more rewarding because it offers higher cashback rates on dining and groceries. Capital One's newest dining rewards card offers one of the highest cashback rewards for dining purchases. Also, Capital One defines dining generously, as the category includes not only fine restaurants but also food carts, takeout venues and coffee shops.

If you're a foodie who enjoys eating out and cooking lavish meals at home, you'll also appreciate the extra cashback rewards the Savor Card offers on grocery purchases. All other purchases offer standard rewards. If you’re looking for a great, low hassle cashback rewards program to support your dining habits the Capital One Savor Rewards card is for you.