Ink Business Cash Credit Card vs. CITI Double Cash Card

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As a small business owner, side hustle champ, or potential ‘solopreneur', you don't have time to waste researching the best credit card to help you achieve your dreams. You need a credit card to reward you with cashback on the purchases you're already making—without complicated hoops to jump through or weird cashback redemption rules to remember.

That's why the Ink Business Cash credit card from Chase and the Citi Double Cash credit card are both so appealing. While one rewards you for spending money on your business, the other doles out unlimited rewards for everything else you're juggling.

Which is better? There's an obvious winner if you're a small business owner.

Higher Rewards, Better for Small Businesses

The Double Cash card can't compare to the cashback rate Ink Business Cash offers for office supply purchases and phone, internet, and cable bills if you're a small business owner.

How the Chase Ink Business Cash compares to the Citi Double Cash

The Ink Business Cash card boosts rewards for your business in ways the Double Cash card can't beat. Plus, your cashback never expires.

People love the Ink Business Cash because they earn cashback on purchases their business already makes

New cardholders have the potential to earn cash back from their office supply and internet/phone purchases, dining and gas purchases, and everything else.

"This card has all the bells and whistles you can imagine and is perfect for small business and entrepreneurs who need flexibility and easy to manage," one cardholder writes.

"It seems you want a business card that helps keep operations smooth. So far, that is exactly what this card does," another notes.

The biggest customer complaints about the Ink Business Cash are the limited cashback categories and earning limits

Moonlighting solopreneurs may not need cashback on office supplies and restaurants as much as they need a cashback credit card for plane tickets, hotel rooms, and promotional advertising.

The takeaway: You're the ideal customer for the Ink Business Cash if office supplies and phone/internet bills are your top expenses

You're a perfect candidate for the the Ink Business Cash card if you answer "yes" to the following questions:

  • Are most of your monthly expenses for office supplies and cable/internet/phone service?
  • Do you frequently expense dining and gas purchases?
  • Do you have good credit? (at least 690 credit score or higher)

If you answered "no" to two or more questions, reconsider the Chase card and instead opt for a more flexible cashback credit card like the Citi Double Cash.

People love the Double Cash card because you earn an unlimited amount of cashback—twice!

Double Cash cardholders never have to worry about using their card for specific purchases; every transaction is eligible for the same unlimited cash back.

One cardholder writes: "I love that the rewards add up so quickly and I don't have to remember to use a certain card for a certain type of purchase in life. It all just goes on this card. So simple!"

The biggest customer complaint about the Double Cash card is the rules for redeeming cashback

Redeeming cash back has requirements. You can only redeem your cashback when your rewards balance hits a specific threshold.

Use your cashback before it expires. If you haven't made any purchases or payments in the specified amount of time, all the cashback rewards you earned will disappear as if you never banked them.

The takeaway: You're the ideal Citi Double Cash cardmember if you hate keeping track of cashback earning categories

This card may become your favorite if you answer "yes" to the following questions:

  • Would you rather earn an unlimited cashback rate for all your purchases instead of directing your spending to certain cashback categories?
  • Do you want to transfer a balance from a high-interest credit card?
  • Do you have good credit? (credit score >690)

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, reconsider the Citi Double Cash card and opt for a rewards or cashback credit card instead.

Chase and Citi are both members of the Big Four Banks of the United States

Chase and Citi, the financial backers and credit card issuers of the Ink Business Cash and Double Cash cards, respectively, make up half of the Big Four Banks in the US.

These four hold almost 40% of all US customer deposits.

JPMorgan Chase is first in terms of sheer size when it comes to banks in the US. Chase boasts over 93 million cardholders in its family.

Citi is the world's largest credit card issuer. With more than 55 million credit card accounts, Citi cardholders make $421 billion in annual purchases.

JPMorgan Chase services protect your business; Citi services impress clients and investors

When you're approved for the Ink Business Cash or Double Cash card, you'll automatically be entitled to the Chase or Citi customer services.

Comparison of Services

The good and the bad about Chase services

Call the Chase Benefit Administrator if you need help on the road. A Chase Benefit Administrator can provide medical referrals or assist with travel and emergency help.

Secure peace of mind with roadside assistance. Lock your keys in your car? Need a jumpstart, extra gas, or help fixing a flat? No problem! Chase cardholders can call 1-800-847-2869 anytime and help will be on the way (for a price billed to your card).

The good and the bad about Citi services

Impress your clients with Citi Private Pass. Receive special early access to presale tickets and VIP packages for concerts, sporting events, exclusive dining experiences, complimentary movie screenings, and a whole lot more to wow your clients.

Accomplish more with Citi Concierge. Book reservations for dinner or find the best place in the city for cocktails. Ring up Citi Concierge and a staff of specially-trained experts will be ready to assist you with your travel, shopping, entertainment, and other needs.

Eliminate buyer's remorse with Price Rewind. Citi Price Rewind saves you money—automatically. Use your Citi card for purchases and the Price Rewind wizards will search for a lower price for a full 60 days after your transaction.

If the same item is found for less, you could receive the difference between the price you paid and the lower amount.

Citi services deliver the goods if you like impressing clients

The Citi Double Cash card provides extra perks and services to make you look like a pro in-the-know.

Rewards and Bonuses

Ink Business Cash rewards and signup bonuses beat out the Double Cash card for small businesses

The Ink Business Cash rewards card delivers way more in rewards and signup bonuses.

The takeaway: The Ink Business Cash beats the Double Cash when it comes to earning and redeeming cashback

The Ink Business Cash gives you a better signup bonus, multiple ways to redeem your cashback, and your cashback never expires.

Ink Business Cash and Double Cash members also gain additional purchase protection benefits

When your business depends on the products you buy, it's smart to have your purchases protected.

Conclusion & Takeaways

The choice of cashback rewards card may seem like a no-brainer if you have a small business. With a specific cashback category for office supplies and internet/phone/cable bills, you'll earn rewards for expenses you're already charging with the Ink Business Cash card. Then again, if you don't have a small business or your business spends too little or much in the Ink Business Cash card's limited categories, the cashback earning potential of the Double Cash card may be more appealing, especially if you don't want to think about different rewards categories or deal with cashback earning caps.

Double Cash benefits like Citi Private Pass are solid if you're frequently showing clients or potential prospects a good time before signing contracts. Whichever credit card company you choose, remember that neither the Ink Business Cash nor Citi Double Cash offers cashback in the form of miles, frequent traveler points, or other travel rewards. You may want to check out a travel rewards card if your business expenses fit those categories.