Credit One Cash Back Rewards vs. QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards

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The QuicksilverOne card is a solid cash back rewards card that beats out the Credit One competition

Let's make this easy: The QuicksilverOne card is a solid choice for anyone with low to fair credit looking for a cash back rewards card. Not only does it beat the Credit One Cash Back Rewards Card, this card can stand tall among many cash back cards. There are no limitations on the purchases you can earn cash back on and the amount of spending you can earn cash back on is unlimited too.

Why QuicksilverOne Is Better

The QuicksilverOne card is stronger than Credit One card because of its simplicity

Unlike the Credit One, the QuicksilverOne card is easy to use. You don't need to read the fine print to understand how the Capital One QuicksilverOne cash back rewards program works. You can qualify if you have an average credit score—that's pretty much it.

The Credit One card is a very confusing credit card. There are more than 25 different versions of the credit card agreement and all of them have different monthly fees and APRs. It all depends on what card you are offered.

People love the QuicksilverOne's unlimited 1.5% everyday cash back

It's not complicated. You use the card and you get cash back on what you spent. You can choose to receive the cash back as a credit on your statement, as a gift card, or as a check. The biggest customer complaint about the QuicksilverOne card is the annual fee.

Having average credit comes at a cost. There aren't too many strong cash back cards offered to people with average credit scores (580 – 669) but the QuicksilverOne is one of the good guys. It was designed for people that don't always get the top offers from credit card companies. Providing that kind of value to those on their way up is one of the reasons it's often compared to the Capital One Journey Student Rewards Card

Decision Time

If you have average credit and are willing to pay an annual fee for the chance to earn cash back, go for the QuicksilverOne card.


Pro tip: You might have an even better option

If your credit's a little better than fair, you might be eligable for the QuicksilverOne's bigger, better sibling: the Capital One Quicksilver.

With no annual fee and a dead-simple, gold standard 1.5% cash back everyday on every purchase, it's a nice upgrade.