Dillard's Store Card vs. Kohl's Store Card

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Are you a department store shopper? If yes, and you’ve been considering a store card, you don’t want to miss this review. We are covering the Dillard’s store card and Kohl’s store card so you can learn how to save big on your favorite items from clothing to makeup.

Dillard’s Store Card

The Dillard’s store card might be for you if you live in Central or Eastern United States where Dillard’s stores are prevalent, and if you’re looking for a store card that rewards you on department store purchases with store credit. The Dillard’s card offers a rewarding points program that gives you points for every dollar spent on merchandise. When you hit your cashout threshhold, you can choose between a discount shopping pass for a single day or store credit to be used at your convenience in-store or online.

Dillard’s offers exclusive sales and incentives to cardholders making it easier to reach Elite status. When you spend enough, you’ll be considered Elite and will qualify for free standard shipping and gift wrap, as well as other bonuses. Swipe without guilt as you make your way to Elite status and all the perks that come with it.

Kohl’s Store Card

You’re the ideal customer for a Kohl’s card if you want substantial upfront savings on your purchases. Alternatively, you can ask yourself these questions to determine if a Kohl’s card may be a better fit:

Do you live near, or frequently shop at a Kohl’s department store?
Do you typically pay off your credit card purchases in full?
Do you want the ability to combine your Kohl’s card discounts with other in-store savings programs like Kohl’s Cash or Yes2You Rewards?

If you answered yes, then a Kohl’s charge may be a better option for your shopping needs. Here’s how it works:

When you apply for a Kohl’s card, you’ll get a discount on your first purchase that is virtually unheard of when it comes to store credit cards. After the initial discount, you’ll get another 15% off on another purchase once your card arrives in the mail. You’ll get monthly exclusive offers too. Like the Dillard’s card, Kohl’s has an upgraded status called MVC, but it’s easier to hit. MVC status increases the number of exclusive special offers customers receive per year.

The Winner

With a better rewards program and a more flexible use of points, the Dillard’s card wins over the Kohl’s card. The Dillard’s store card offers a substantial rewards program that allows cardholders to earn points from nearly every purchase. they make with their card These points can be earned by shopping at Dillard’s retail stores, through store catalogs, and online at dillards.com. It’s a great fit for the department store shopper who wants to save big on clothing and accessories.

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  • 4% cash back on entertainment and dining
  • 2% at grocery stores. 
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