Which Is Better for Students? Discover it vs. Capital One Journey

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Students are the young minds that will one day shape the world. In the meantime, one of the many things that fall to the wayside between studies and a social life is shaping their own credit score. Truth be told, your college years could be some of the most formative years in terms of positioning your credit score. Making bad credit decisions through college, for example, could hinder you later in life. Many creditors understand this and offer cards geared specifically toward students. Among these issuers are Discover and Capital One. Today, we are going to explore the Discover it Student Cash Back and the Journey Student Rewards card from Capital to decide which is better for students, everywhere.

Discover it Student Cash Back

The Discover it Student Cash Back card helps students earn more on the purchases they are making. This card offers some points on all transactions, and rotating bonus categories each quarter that line up with typical spending habits. Moreover, Discover matches your cashback earned after year one, making the points you earned worth double on your card anniversary. For students who keep a GPA that’s 3.0 or more, you will get a small bonus with this card.

The Journey Student Rewards

The Journey Student Rewards from Capital One rewards students for good behaviors. We already know that financial literacy matters in college. There are a few features of the Journey Student Rewards from Capital One card that are useful tools for new card owners to build awareness and good habits. If you pay your first five bills on time and in full, you get a higher credit limit and your cashback points will be worth more too.

The Winner

Discover it Student Cash Back takes the cake because it is simply superior to the Journey Student Rewards from Capital One in almost all categories. The chance to build credit while still earning cash back is a great opportunity. The fact that all the cash back you earn in year one will get doubled is a huge bonus. We also really love how the Discover it Student Cash Back rewards good grades with gifts for every year the student earns a 3.0 GPA or better. If you’re a student that has to be looked at as a major win/win situation.