Discover it Cash Back Card vs. Chase Freedom Unlimited Card

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When it comes to credit cards, it seems like everyone is looking for rewards. After all, you’ve worked hard for your good to excellent credit score. If you’re going to purchase on credit anyway and have a qualifying score, why not reap the rewards of your good behavior?

With that said, cashback rewards are all the rage. But knowing which card to pick isn’t as simple as deciding that you want your positive spending habits to lead to a wad of cash in your pocket. We’re going to examine two popular cards below: Discover it Cash Back and Chase Freedom Unlimited. Keep reading for more on what each has to offer

Weighing Your Options

Chase's Freedom Unlimited is a relatively recent addition to its cashback card lineup, offering a simplified alternative to the Chase Freedom card. Besides the cashback, the Chase Freedom Unlimited also offers a a number of perks and bonuses. For instance, you earn cashback on all purchases—no need to opt-in or remember rotating categories.

People love Chase Freedom Unlimited because of its simplified cashback on everything

Users get excited for flexible, easy-to-redeem cashback rewards. Consumers agree that the card's simplicity—with a flat cashback reward on every purchase, no limit—is a big draw.

The biggest customer complaint about the Chase Freedom Unlimited is its low cash back in certain categories. That’s the drawback of not having rotating categories or specialized rewards. You don’t get bonuses for gas, groceries or dining like some other cards offer. But you also don’t have to remember which categories to spend in each quarter to get the most from your benefits. If you're all about a no-fuss approach to credit rewards, the Chase Freedom Unlimited wins the day.

But what about the Discover it Cash Back credit card?

That’s a great question. There are certain situations that make this card the right choice. For instance, The Discover it cash rewards might be a better card to take abroad because you could save on transaction fees. The problem is Discover cards aren't widely accepted around the world, so be sure to take a backup Visa or MasterCard with you when you travel.

Another reason to keep the Discover it card in your wallet is for balance transfers. Discover it charges a less than average fee on transferring balances. This gives it a leg up on Chase Freedom Unlimited for this use case.

Earn premium cashback. The Discover it cash rewards card offers a rotating set of bonus categories that earn primo cashback. If you happen to be spending in those categories and pay close attention to what they are, you could make big bucks on your cashback rewards.

Other Benefits

Both Chase and Discover offer buyer protection benefits

In addition to cashback, both credit card companies offer a variety of consumer protection benefits and insurance programs:

Chase Freedom Unlimited benefits

Get a discount on travel redemptions. If you redeem your points for travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal, you'll reap a substantial value.

Enjoy those Ultimate Rewards points as long as you like. A HUGE perk of Chase Ultimate Rewards is that reward points will not expire as long as your account remains open. And that Chase makes it so easy to redeem them. The reward point redemption system has an app and an easy to use website, too. You won't have to run around trying to figure out how to take advantage of all your spending when the time comes.

Get purchase protection and other benefits. New purchases are protected against damage or theft. You'll also get an extra year warranty on most items purchased with a Freedom Unlimited card.

Discover it Cash Back benefits

Monitor your credit for free. You'll get a free FICO Score on your monthly statements, enabling you to keep tabs on your credit score. This is helpful for those planning to buy a new house or car and working to improve their credit scores.

Lost your card? Freeze your account in seconds. You can freeze or unfreeze your account by logging online or via the mobile app. This gives cardholders peace of mind. Earn extra cash-back when shopping online. Shop through Discover Deals and earn between 5%-20% in cash-back bonuses and instant savings when shopping online at major retailers. You can also redeem cash-back on

The Verdict

Chase Freedom Unlimited is the better cash-back card in the long run

If you're looking for a no-fuss cash-back rewards card, Chase Freedom Unlimited is a better bet than the Discover it Cash Back credit card. It offers a flat, no-frills cashback rate—among the best in the industry.

There are no rotating bonus categories that need to be opted into and no limit on the amount of cashback you can earn. Plus, if you're planning a big purchase, the Freedom Unlimited might be able to sway you with some intro offers that make your large one-off purchase quicker to pay down than the average credit card.