The GapCard vs. JCPenney's Store Credit Card

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Attention JCPenney and Gap shoppers! We’ve got a review you don’t want to miss. That’s because we are taking a closer look at the features and benefits of the GapCard versus the JCPenney Store credit card. Both are used for purchases in the family of stores each belongs to, and both can earn you rewards, so which is better? Keep reading to find out.

The GapCard

The GapCard has a lower interest rate, although it’s still higher than average. However, when compared against the current rates of the JCPenney’s store card, it beats them every time. Since interest rates change pretty frequently, you don’t want to hinge your decision on a percentage point. That’s why it’s important to note the GapCard gives you access to a more sophisticated shopping experience. The GapCard opens you up to the possibility of buying from a budget brand like Old Navy to higher-end names like the Banana Republic and Athleta—while JCPenney restricts you to the department store experience. Lastly, in addition to the perk of collecting points on qualifying purchases, you get a nice signup bonus with GapCard.

JCPenney’s Store Card

If you're looking for more than just clothes, JCPenney deserves a good look. This is a no-brainer: JCPenney is a department store, offering a much wider range of products, from appliances to cosmetics (namely, Sephora) and toys. In other words, if you need to choose between these two credit cards and you want to be rewarded for purchasing items other than clothes, then the JCPenney card is for you. That said, it also comes along with a slightly higher APR and smaller signup bonus.

The Winner

Looking at the GapCard and JCPenney’s Store card from a purely objective financial perspective, and assuming you could only choose one of them, the winner would have to be the GapCard. The reasons for this include a lower APR, fewer rules on the rewards, a special signup discount, free shipping on your first purchase and more. With an abundance of features, if you only sign up for one store card, this isn’t a bad one to have.