Hawaiian Airlines World Elite Mastercard Review

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Hawaii is known for its swaying palm trees, pristine beaches, epic surfing, and beautiful mountain scenery. It's also known as a notoriously expensive travel destination. If you're planning to take a trip to Hawaii this year, it could be worthwhile to apply for a Hawaiian Airlines World Elite Mastercard. Here’s why:

The Hawaiian Airlines credit card wouldn't be special at all if it weren't for its awesome introductory offer. If you play your cards right to qualify for the signup bonus, you and a companion can fly to Hawaii for a fraction of the usual airline ticket cost, but it requires a little maneuvering to redeem the various perks associated with this card. Once you do the work, however, you even get a free checked bag.

Earn miles with the airline and bonus miles with partners. Frequent travelers to Hawaii can take full advantage of the opportunity to earn more HawaiianMiles when they buy airfare and in-flight purchases with Hawaiian Airlines. They can also earn multiple miles per dollar spent with partners listed in the HawaiianMiles Marketplace. Partners include Hawaiian gas stations, tour companies, restaurants, hotels, and even 7-Elevens.

Discounted award travel offers amazing value. The CoachSuperSaver program offers cardholders the chance to use their points for majorly discounted flights from North America to Hawaii. When you take these benefits into account, combined with perks like lucrative signup bonuses that can let you and a partner fly for a reduced rate, this could very well be the right card for the Hawaii vacationer.