Home Depot Credit Card Review

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While it might be true that Home Depot is the place where most Americans go for their home improvement needs, that doesn't necessarily mean they offer the best store brand credit card on the market. While Home Depot credit cards are relatively light on fees (which is obviously a plus) they're also light on rewards—and that's a real drawback for consumers.

Wihout cashback or customer loyalty rewards, the average person can probably do better elsewhere than they can with Home Depot credit cards, which also tend to have a lofty annual percentage rate. Contractors or folks who would regularly be making large purchases from Home Depot, however, can take advantage of the Commerical Revolving Charge or Commercial Account credit card options, which seem to work well and offer fuel rewards.

The bottom line is that, for people who aren't totally sure they can pay off the Home Depot Consumer credit card within six months, there aren't enough benefits to take that risk. And since that particular card is owned by CitiBank, they'd be better off applying for one of their cards with better rewards and a lower APR. Again, contractors and people with well-planned, largescale home improvement projects, can take advantage of some of Home Depot's credit offerings but for most people, a solid cashback or rewards credit card would be a much better option.

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