HSN Credit Card Review

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HSN is a landmark conglomerate in the network of large, digital shopping empires. Once a TV giant, HSN has undergone a number of innovative advances to stay on the cutting edge of the shopping experience, offering shoppers convenience, user-friendliness, and variety.

If you’re a ride or die HSN customer, you may have heard of the HSN credit card. This card operates like many standard store cards. It could be a good one for you if you love HSN and are trying to build credit responsibly. Here’s what we know about the HSN credit card.

Why You Should Consider This Card

Only diehard HSN shoppers with perfect credit card payment habits should consider this no-fee HSN credit card. When the Home Shopping Network was established in 1982, the world was a different place—the internet didn't exist and the company had only one major competitor, QVC. Nonetheless, HSN has adapted.

Today, HSN does more than half of their sales online and is owned by the same company as QVC. For HSN loyalists or those who like flexible payment options, depending on what you need in a credit card, HSN may or may not be the best card for you.

Consider FlexPay and other payment plans if you’re a frequent HSN shopper. FlexPay on all HSN jewelry, clothing, and accessories (with additional rotating categories) is one of the few perks offered by the HSN credit card. For some customers, this perk alone is worth applying for the card. Instead of paying all at once, the price of the item is broken into smaller payments and customers are charged monthly. If you're making a big purchase or simply don't want to part with your cash all at once, interest-free FlexPay is a useful perk.

The HSN credit card can only be used on HSN purchases. Unlike rewards cards by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and other well-known issuers, this card is only to be used on HSN goods. This is great news for customers who love to shop through the television network or app but bad news for customers who only occasionally shop at HSN.

Customers love that there is no annual fee and as long as bills are paid on time, customers won't be charged any fees at all. Introductory APR offers could sweeten the pot for frequent HSN shoppers. This card has few perks, but the ones it does have are good for helping you finance large HSN purchases.

Biggest Consumer Complaints

If you're not careful, high interest rates, limited shopping opportunities, and lack of rewards can make this card useless. Credit card rewards don't exist with the HSN card. In other words, there's not much incentive to spend and save.

The price of high interest rates can add up. If you spend above your means or don’t pay your balance off each month, the above average interest rate on this card will get you. This could mean efforts to build credit can quickly turn sour and end up hurting you instead if you aren’t very responsible with credit.

Most customers are less than impressed with the strict 30-day return policy and unclear expectations. If you use your HSN card to pay for an item with a UPS Easy Returns label, you'll receive $5 in Spendable Ka$h credited towards a future purchase at HSN. It may seem like you're getting free money, but because shipping fees are deducted from your refund and range from $6.95 to $8.95 depending on the weight, you're actually just getting a discount on return shipping.

Rewards and perks are below industry standards. Unlike other store-specific credit cards that offer points based on purchases or regular discounts, the HSN credit card does not offer regular rewards. Perks are limited and include ExtraFlex, or small monthly payments on all beauty, fashion and jewelry purchases, a very small signup bonus, and no annual fee.

The deferred interest rates can be too good to be true for some shoppers. The HSN credit card offers VIP intro period APR on large purchases. But if the purchase is not paid in full within the specified time frame, you will be charged retroactively charged interest at a rate high above average. Yikes!

Final Thoughts: HSN Credit Card

With few perks and high interest rates, the HSN card is best for superfans or people trying to raise their credit score. They should only get this card if they have responsible shopping habits, however. The credit card for the HSN channel is a decent credit option for those hoping to get back on the "Good" rung of the credit score ladder.

Most customers get approved for the card with a "Fair" credit score of 630–689. For people who are trying to build credit or raise their score, the HSN credit card offers a way to accomplish those goals without paying any fees. Just be sure you're prepared to follow perfect credit card habits.