Best International Cities for a Destination Wedding

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Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life, so it should be memorable and special. If you and your spouse-to-be love traveling, a destination wedding can be the perfect way to ensure your day is one to remember fondly for years to come. Bonus: the honeymoon already comes built in too!

Whether you are newly engaged or dreaming about the future, here are 8 destinations to consider for your dream international wedding. Whether you are looking for a tropical paradise or a city rich with culture and history, there are unique destinations for every couple to consider.

Whether it's a country that's been on your bucket list for years or a city that has already played a special role in your love story, a destination wedding can be the perfect way to start your life together in an extremely special way.

Vaux Le Vicomte, Maincy, France

France screams love, so a French destination wedding is pretty much the epitome of romance. Your wedding will truly be an enchanted fairytale when held at this 17th century chateau. Wow your guests with stunning gardens and an unforgettable ceremony venue.

Vaux Le Vicomte is easily reached from the City of Love itself, making it the perfect location for you and your guests to make your destination wedding a trip to remember.

Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos is a stunning tropical destination to consider for your beach wedding. A short flight from the U.S. means it will be easier for guests to join you for your special day than some international destinations.

There is definitely no shortage of resorts to work with to plan the wedding of your dreams, so you are sure to find the perfect location to embark on your happily ever after.

Udaipur, India

Adventurous couples may have their sights set on a country like India for their destination wedding. Udaipur is a great place to consider! While India may not be the first country to come to mind when you think of romantic destinations, Udaipur just might change your mind.

Known as the City of Lakes, this unique Western India location is sure to provide a stunning backdrop for your special day. There is plenty of history and culture adding to Udaipur's charm, not to mention the plethora of incredible local cuisine. You'll find plenty of luxury hotels and even palaces to choose from to host your special day.

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Known for its natural beauty, Stellenbosch is the perfect destination venue for wine lovers. If you dream of a vineyard wedding but aren't sold on Italy or Napa, South Africa might be the unique location you have in mind.

There's plenty to do and lots of beauty to take in, so you and your guests will all have the experience of a lifetime in Stellenbosch and the surrounding areas. Of course, there's plenty of incredible, world class local wine available. Your guests probably won't mind one bit if you keep it flowing throughout your wedding day.

Cinigiano, Italy

Is there anything more magical than a wedding in the Tuscan countryside? Cinigiano is a perfect place to make that dream come true, situated between olive groves, vineyards, and rolling hills. Home to a stunning 12thCentury estate called Castello di Vicarello, you and your guests are sure to make incredible memories under the Tuscan sun.

Host a few close relatives, friends, or your wedding party overnight in a real life castle, and get married in a stunning garden setting. Cinigiano is the perfect launching pad for your life together, not to mention for a honeymoon trip through Tuscany!

Loire Valley, France

If the French countryside is more your idea of a dream romantic wedding venue, look no farther than the Loire Valley. Just 2 hours from Paris, you will find plenty of history and culture, not to mention stunning natural beauty and great wine and food.

It's no secret why the entire Loire Valley is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the beauty and culture present in the area speak for themselves. The relaxed nature of being in the countryside will provide you the opportunity to connect meaningfully with your guests, as well as your new spouse.

Rome, Italy

Arguably one of the most famous cities on earth, Rome offers plenty of charm for your destination wedding considerations. If you are big fans of art or history, or if religion plays a big role in your life, Rome might be the perfect place to celebrate your love and commitment. Not to mention, you will have incredible opportunities for swoon-worthy wedding photographs.

Oh, and plenty of incredible local food and wine. Need we say more?

Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

For an international wedding destination that's truly like no other, consider heading south to Great Barrier Island. New Zealand is stunning as it is, but head out to Great Barrier Island for a next level experience and a truly special place to host your wedding.

Great Barrier Island is somewhat secluded, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy your big day without dealing with the inconveniences of huge crows. The natural beauty of the island will provide absolutely stunning backdrops for your ceremony and wedding photos.

If you and your spouse to be find peace and enjoyment in nature, it is difficult to imagine a better place to start your life together than Great Barrier Island. If you're especially adventurous, head out after the ceremony for an extra memorable "trash the dress (or tux)" scuba expedition or beach photo shoot!

Stop Dreaming, Start Planning

If you and your future spouse are dreaming of a destination wedding, begin to set money aside and consider applying for a travel credit card to bring that dream international wedding to life. There are plenty of destinations around the world that can provide a memorable backdrop for your big day, as well as a great experience for any guests.

Whether it's a country that's been on your bucket list for years or a city that has already played a special role in your love story, a destination wedding can be the perfect way to start your life together in an extremely special way. Congratulations and best wishes for your happily ever after!