Macy's Credit Card Review

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Macy's is one of the biggest and best-known department store chains in America, with over 800 stores nationwide. It offers a wide selection of women's, men's and children's apparel, beauty products and home furnishings. Like its competitors, Macy's offers a store credit card and a co-branded American Express card, both of which are issued through Department Stores National Bank.

Is It Worth It?

Loyalty to Macy's comes with nice perks and price discounts. The most enthusiastic customer reviews praise the Macy's credit card rewards system. The shopping center is also a hot spot for newlyweds who like its wedding registry program. Here’s why:

Get an in-store discount for the first two days you have the card. This bonus means you could maximize your rewards on Black Friday if you sign up and activate the card a day or two before the shopping holiday. Macy's also has a special rewards program so that customers who create a wedding registry can earn rewards for both their own purchases and the gifts that other people buy them.

Customers who enroll in Macy's Registry Star Rewards earn extra rewards on every eligible purchase and on gifts received from the registry. These rewards are delivered in the form of a gift card to be used after the wedding. Macy's end-of-year Thanks for Sharing promotion is also especially popular.

In this promotion, if you pay to enroll you'll get a percentage off all your qualifying purchases at Macy's through the month of December. This easily pays for itself if you do holiday shopping at Macy’s. Plus, the money raised through that enrollment fee benefits a number of charities, including the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and the Children's Cancer Research Foundation.

If you spend enough at Macy's on a yearly basis, then you qualify for free shipping and a special birthday offer as either a Gold or Platinum cardholder. If you pay your balance in full every month, you can also avoid interest charges that would otherwise cancel out any benefits you earn. Loyal fans say this is key to a good experience with the Macy's card.

What’s the Catch?

However, customers frequently complain about Macy's eagerness to ding them with late fees and its higher-than-average APR. Even when customers paid on time, Macy's could process the payment after its due date and chargea late fee, according to some customers. Macy's is also said to be quick to charge inactivity fees or even close the accounts of customers who didn't use the card with much regularity.

When customers tried to pay online, they were sometimes met with challenges, and when they called to pay, the customer service was said to be unreliable. These go beyond common complaints of most credit cards. With most store cards, you might see one or two of these. The Macy’s card seems to check all the boxes for customer complaints, so consumers should be cautious.

But Is It a Good Deal?

Macy's offers two branded credit cards: a basic store charge card and an American Express card. With decent rewards and regular promotional events, the Macy's store charge card and American Express card offer lots for the retailer's most loyal fans, though the American Express is a slightly better deal, if you can qualify for it.

However, the higher-than-average APR and restrictions on how you can use rewards mean this card isn't a great deal for most shoppers. Macy's points system rewards shoppers who spend the most at Macy's, but if you carry a balance forward month to month, the interest charges might wipe out any rewards you earn.

People who aren't crazy for Macy's can certainly find a better rewards card deal elsewhere. If you were planning to make a big purchase—like $2,000+, for example—at Macy's and could pay off the card within one month before interest charges kick in, then this card may be of interest.