Navy Federal CashRewards Card Review

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The Navy Federal Credit Union is the largest credit union in the world with more than 7.5 million members and over $90 billion in assets. One reason it's so popular is due to its amazing consumer financial products and the equally impressive terms that go with them. However, membership with the Navy Federal Credit Union is limited to those affiliated with the United States military and Department of Defense. If you have a military affiliation, we highly recommend the Navy Federal CashRewards card, here’s why:

Navy Federal Credit Union includes its customer reviews on its website, and the feedback for the CashRewards Visa is glowing. 95% of members say they'd recommend the card to someone else. Cashback bonus earnings is the biggest benefit customers talk about when they review the CashRewards Visa. The card offers its members cash back on everything purchased on the card no matter what you're buying, and no matter how much you're buying—the amount of cash back you can earn simply has no limits.

There's a lot of popular cashback and travel rewards credit cards that give higher bonus rates on rotating categories like gas, groceries, and wholesale club purchases. This isn’t one of those cards. It’s straightforward, simple and lucrative. With the CashRewards Visa from Navy Federal, you don't need to keep multiple cards in your wallet or keep track of bonus earnings categories that change every few months. If you have access to NFCU, the CashRewards card is very attractive to credit spenders who enjoy rewards cards.