Need Checks Fast? 5 Ways to Order Cheap Checks Online

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They may seem outdated to some, but there's no arguing checks have been an important part of America's financial history and are still relevant in today's online world. Billions of checks are written each year, and while the number may be declining, checks are going to be around for a long time.

Certain businesses continue to only take cash or checks, and some companies don't take electronic payments. That leaves people with few choices. Even if you prefer to use online bill payment methods whenever possible, you'll still likely need to have checks.

How many of us have failed to realize we were on our last check or procrastinated until we had none left and needed some right away? If you need checks fast for an affordable price, check out these options.

Shop At Walmart

Walmart, the one stop shop that seems to either be loved or hated by most of the adult U.S. population, offers checks for sale.

You can get basic checks with no fancy designs at a decent price — 150 single checks for $7.46. Duplicate checks will set you back extra, at $8.46 per 150 checks. If you're paranoid about identity theft or check fraud, you can get high-security checks for a higher price.

If you want to pay extra for designer checks, they offer that option as well. They have Disney, cause-related, dog breed, floral, scenic, animal, inspirational, and character checks. They even offer a design-your-own-check option. You'll also have the chance to order check accessories like checkbook covers, address labels, address stamps, and deposit materials.

With standard shipping, it can take up to two weeks to receive your checks, but they often arrive much quicker than that.

VistaPrint Provides Personal Checks

The normal price for 25 checks through VistaPrint is $4, but with the promo code they offer on their website, you can get those 25 checks for $2.99. If you order more checks, the rates come down further. With the online code, you can get 150 checks for $10.49.

They have basic checks and some designs, although no character checks.

When you look at shipping options on this site, keep in mind the delivery date they list also includes the production of your order. So if you order economy shipping, your checks will be to you within 8 days of when your order them. That shipping rate is $4.99 for orders up to $20.

By comparison, if you go with standard shipping, you'll pay $6.99 for orders up to $20 and have your checks in five business days. If you're really in a pinch and need checks immediately, you can order express and get them in three business days for $19.99 in shipping costs for orders up to $20.

This site has all the checks you'll need, whether you're looking for a fun Disney design or a basic blue check. They have scripture checks, animals, and even whimsical designs, such as their After Five checks that feature adult beverages. There are more than 70 designs you can consider.

Their checks provide check and identity fraud protection, including erasure protection, microprint signature line, and chemical protection.

The lowest price on their site is a box of 100 checks for $4.95. You can get standard shipping for free, and your order will reach you in up to 15 business days. For $5.95 you can get an in-plant rush order, which will reach you in 12 days instead of 15 for the standard shipping.

If you need your checks faster than that, you can pay for the in-plant rush and UPS 1-day delivery. Then your checks will arrive in two to three business days.

Check Advantage

With 150 checks per box, Check Advantage's most inexpensive checks cost $13.95 per box, but you'll get free shipping with that order. If you order additional checks, you'll get a price break.

You'll get your order within 11 to 15 days with the free shipping. If that's not fast enough, you can choose a different shipping option, including next day air shipping for an additional $29.95.

Where Check Advantage really shines is in how many designs it offers — more than 2,500. They use their own photographers and graphic artists to produce the designs. You'll see check designs you won't see on any other site. If you have separate checking accounts in your marriage, you'll be able to find designs you'll both like.

You can also get a wide variety of extras, such as checkbook covers, labels, and deposit materials. The company boasts that it has been 99.9% error-free with its orders since 2001.

Check With Your Bank

If you want to get checks in a hurry, you might want to start with your own bank. Just be aware, some banks charge more for checks than some of your other online options do. You might get them quickly, but they won't be as economical as some of your other choices.

All the major banks offer checks, including Chase, Citibank, Citizens Bank, PNC Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and others. If you go through your Wells Fargo account to order, you'll have the option to order checks online or by phone.

This is a good choice if you would like some assistance from a customer service representative when it comes to ordering.

Check It Out

The days when you had to wait three or four weeks for your checks to arrive are long gone. These days, if you're willing to pay a rush-order fee or more for quick delivery, you'll have your checks in no time.

When ordering, keep the overall price in mind. The problem with using checks as a payment method is that they cost you, unlike those free online payments. If you don't want to feel like you're handing over more money than you have to when you make a payment through a check, you will want to find some cheaper ones.

Whether you like to draw attention with the designs on your checks or you like to opt for the cheapest option, you never know when you may need to reach for your checkbook, so make sure you're prepared.