Nordstrom Visa Credit Card Review

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The Nordstrom Visa comes with plenty of great perks like early sales access and opportunities to maximize rewards. The number one perk that sets this card apart is early access to Nordstrom's annual anniversary sale. Here are some more things we liked about the Nordstrom Visa, along with one possible drawback as well. To find out if this is the card for you, read on!

One sleek perk of this Visa card is that cardholders get to choose one day per year when they earn triple points. That amounts to high above average rewards on Nordstrom purchases on a day of your choosing. However, cardholders will likely be able to take advantage of other “triple points” days, as they will be notified of these exclusive cardholder events as they occur.

Because this is a Visa card, your Nordstrom Visa will be widely accepted even when you aren’t shopping at Nordie’s. You can earn small point bonuses on all purchases you make with the card. Truly, however, your best value is to use this card at Nordstrom, because you can stack rewards with other discounts like coupons.

The big drawback is that people who don’t have great credit simply won’t be able to access this card. If you like Nordstrom but don’t have “Good” or “Excellent” credit, the Nordstrom store card might be a better fit. If you have “Good” or “Excellent” credit, you can begin earning rewards on all purchases with Nordstrom Visa credit card, today.

Capital One Savor Rewards
Go out more; 4% cash back dining/entertainment
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Annual Fee
Recommended Credit:
Excellent Credit
  • 4% cash back on entertainment and dining
  • 2% at grocery stores. 
  • 1% on every other purchase.
  • No rotating categories